Apple iPad Mini with sharper display faces delay

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A student tries Apple Inc's iPad mini at an electronics store in central Seoul

Apple iPad Mini with sharper display faces delay | Reuters


(Reuters) – Apple Inc will be unable to widely roll out a new version of the iPad Mini with a high-resolution “retina” display this month, people who work in the company’s supply chain said, leaving the gadget without the sharper screen found on rival tablets from Google Inc and Inc.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad mini

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Apple Considering Lower-Priced iPad Mini at $199-$249?

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Apple Considering Lower-Priced iPad Mini at $199-$249? | Mac Rumors

Prior to iPad mini 2 launch, Apple might roll out a more affordable iPad mini to compete with Android products. To cut costs, Apple might push for lower component prices, use a more advanced process to produce the A5 processor, simplify metal casing production, remove the rear camera, cut storage to 8GB and find more component suppliers to lower costs. We think this cheaper iPad mini retail for US$199~249.

アップルが 199 〜 249 ドルの iPad mini を検討中? | maclalala2

iPad 5 Will Be 15% Thinner, 25% Lighter And Take Less Time To Charge Than iPad 4 [Report] | Cult of Mac

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most reliable analysts out there when it comes to predicting upcoming Apple products.

KGI凱基證券 | KGI Securities

The best and worst Apple analysts: Nine-quarter edition | maclalala:link

Ranking the analysts | maclalala:link

iPad mini 意外な問題点

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iPad mini 意外な問題点 | 国道357号線(MacintoshとiPadのある生活を)

And If It Is A New Chip…

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Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.48.40 PM_575px

Slightly smaller Apple TV model revealed by FCC documents |

But remember, this runs low-end iOS hardware. The second-gen ran an A4 SOC and the third-gen runs a single-core-binned A5. My guess: the new model will be a low-volume prototype for a new, cheaper SOC (or cheaper manufacturing process on an existing one) to be used later in iOS devices, much like the iPad2,4 was a prototype for 32nm HKMG manufacturing later used in much higher volume with the A6 and A6X.

FCC filing reveals Apple TV model A1469 with slightly smaller dimensions (update: new antenna, CPU too?) | Engadget

About That “Smaller” Apple TV… | ParisLemon

Slightly Smaller Apple TV 3,2 (A1469) Contains A5X SoC, BCM4334 Combo | AnandTech

Update: I should note that S5L8945 is the original 45nm Samsung produced A5X, S5L8947 is the A5XR2 that is in this unannounced Apple TV. Note that previously the A5 underwent a similar plus 2 offset, from S5L8940 (A5) to S5L8942 (A5R2) which changed process geometry from 45nm to 32nm HK-MG at Samsung. It’s possible we’re also looking at a process node change with the A5X to A5XR2 here.

More on that new Apple TV’s likely SOC |

I’ll bet someone a sandwich that a Retina iPad Mini comes out this fall or earlier, and uses a process-shrunk A5X.

And If It Is A New Chip… | ParisLemon


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People queue up to buy the new iPad during its China launch at the Apple store in Shanghai

iPad mini & iPhone 5 Arrive in China in December | Apple [Press Info]

Apple today announced the Wi-Fi versions of iPad® mini and fourth generation iPad with Retina display will be available in China on Friday, December 7, and iPhone 5 will be available on Friday, December 14.

Apple’s iPad Mini And 4th Gen iPad Arrive In China December 7, iPhone 5 Follows December 14 | TechCrunch

Launches of Apple products in China have taken on growing importance for Apple, which continues to see impressive growth in its Greater China market sales. iPhone sales were up 38 percent in China last quarter year over year, but there could be a tremendous amount of pent-up demand for a new model, according to an analyst report from late summer. Many will be watching these launches to see just how strong the appetite is for Apple devices in the increasingly important Chinese market.

iPhone 5 Gets China Network Access License | WSJ

Apple’s Major Obstacle In Conquering China | Forbes

固唾をのんで見守っている | maclalala2

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This iPad mini ad in Time is pretty fantastic

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This iPad mini ad in Time is pretty fantastic | TUAW

On its screen is the cover of the same Time issue, just as it would appear on the real device. The only text is the official iPad mini logo. It’s a great example of minimalist design sometimes being best, and gets across the point that iPad mini is capable of delivering magazine content — even showing what it will look like.

この iPad mini 広告は秀逸! | maclalala2

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iPad mini Review – AnandTech

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iPad mini Review | AnandTech

In my first week with the iPad mini, it quickly became the iPad I actually wanted to carry around. The mini’s form factor is really where all of the innovation is. It’s thin, light and an almost perfect balance of functional screen size and portability. I really love this form factor. In my life, a tablet is really an augmentive device rather than something that takes the place of a larger notebook. As such, I actually want something even more portable than the current Retina iPad and the mini delivers just that. It’s small enough that I don’t mind taking it with me, and it retains nearly all of what made the iPad such a great consumption device. I say nearly all because there are some definite tradeoffs when moving to the smaller display. Mainly all UI elements shrink in size, which can be a bit annoying when tapping small widgets (especially at the corners of the display). There’s always something to be given up in pursuit of ultimate portability.

A Retina mini? | AnandTech

None of these options is particularly enticing for Apple, especially given the low (for Apple), starting price for the iPad mini. If you’re expecting next year’s mini to have a Retina Display, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

AnandTech Doubtful on Chances for Retina iPad Mini Next Year | Daring Fireball

I feel certain the Mini will go retina, and that when it does, it will do so exactly like all previous iOS devices: same physical size, double the pixel resolution. The only question is when. The iPhone went retina in the fourth generation; the full-size iPad in the third. Seems like too much to ask for the Mini to do so in its second.

Retina mini が来年出る可能性は低い:AnandTech | maclalala2

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Apple iPad mini review – gdgt

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Apple iPad mini review | gdgt


我々は気に入った:gdgt | maclalala2

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Dave Winer が iPad mini はダメだと考えるこれだけの理由

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Is the iPad Mini the Beginning of Apple’s Decline? | Gizmodo

By the way, this is why the orchestrated reviews of products are often worthless. I invite Mossberg, Pogue or Gruber to re-review their iPad Mini now, a week after their initial reviews, and let us know if they’re actually using it. And if they still think it’s a winner. I believe it’s not only not a winner, but it signals a new Apple that’s no longer beyond compare, no longer insisting on delighting its users to the point of orgasm.

iPad mini、それはアップル終焉の始まりなのか? | ギズモード・ジャパン

Dave Winer on the iPad Mini | Daring Fireball

I completely stand behind mine, and still have barely even used the iPad 4 I have on loan from Apple. Winer seems to agree with me that the ideal iPad is one which doesn’t yet exist (but surely will): a Mini with a 2048 × 1536 retina display. In the meantime, we have to choose: big iPad with sharp retina display, or small iPad with a fuzzy one. I’ve gone small and fuzzy.

I stand by my iPad mini review | The Loop

Dave didn’t ask, but I stand by my review and I’m still using my iPad mini.

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