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サムスンがヒースロー空港の第5ターミナルを「Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5」に改名するんだって

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Heathrow’s Terminal 5 becomes ‘Terminal Galaxy S5’ to promote Samsung’s latest phone | Android Central

This is what you do when your smartphone sucks balls | The Loop

Samsung rebranding Heathrow’s busiest hub to ‘Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5’ | The Verge

Translation From Polite British Spokesperson-ese to Plain English Regarding Samsung’s Rebranding of Heathrow Terminal 5 | Daring Fireball

Heathrow says Terminal 5 signage and branding haven’t changed, Samsung being ‘tongue-in-cheek’ | iMore

Samsung lies about taking over Heathrow | The Loop

Om Malik @om

Damn! Samsung is becoming masters of hyperbole, not that there is anything wrong with that, but still..,

Samsung Galaxy Sizes

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“It’s very un-Samsung-like to leave an entire inch between Galaxy devices.” | @lukew

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Top Android Executive Says Google Didn’t Copy Apple’s iPhone

Apple’s little advertising crisis

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Phil Schiller Exploded On Apple’s Ad Agency In An Email

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★Steve Jobs’s October 2010 Draft Agenda for Apple’s Top 100 Meeting

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The Six Juiciest Documents From the Apple-Samsung Trial This Week

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Horace Dediu Illustrates Apple and Samsung’s Domination of the Handset Industry

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