アップルの Maps が出なかったワケ

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Apple’s Maps Are Still Lost | TechCrunch

Why didn’t they appear? One tipster says it was a personnel issue: “Many developers left the company, no map improvements planned for iOS 8 release were finished in time. Mostly it was failure of project managers and engineering project managers, tasks were very badly planned, developers had to switch multiple times from project to project.”

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Apple maps: how Google lost when everyone thought it had won

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Apple Maps

Apple maps: how Google lost when everyone thought it had won | Guardian

ComScore research shows that while Apple suffered a PR disaster over maps, Google lost 23m iPhone users in the US

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AppleはMaps Version 2.0に向けて二交代勤務だそうです!

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AppleはMaps Version 2.0に向けて二交代勤務だそうです! | Apple Products Fan

Apple Working Double Shift to Release Maps ‘Version 2.0′ | PadGadget

We know that there are resource changes happening at Apple, but it seems the are also kicking development into high gear (working double shifts) in preparation for Maps version 2.0.

First thing Cue did was fire Richard Williamson, the man previously in charge of Maps. The second thing Cue did was take on the expanded role left vacant by Williamson’s departure. This move will either be brilliant or a disaster, depending on whether Cue has the capacity to properly handle everything in his portfolio (he is also responsible for Siri, another app from Apple that is subject to some criticism).

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iOS マップの利用者は激減した、か?

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Snappli Network Decides Apple Maps Can Get Lost | Snappli Blog

Summary: before iOS 6 1 in 4 people were using Google maps at least once a day. After iOS 6: 1 in 25 using Apple maps and falling.

Just 4% of iOS 6 users still using Apple Maps after 5 days | VentureBeat

Do iOS 6 users stick with Apple Maps? Snappli reckons it knows... |

Forget Mapplegate. Apple Maps are Maptastic! | onavo

Snappli and Claims of iOS Maps App Usage Plummeting | Daring Fireball

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Mapgate Is Over

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Old Maps vs. New Maps

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Old Maps vs. New Maps | Vore

As far as I can see, the data supports three conclusions:

1. Given our set of data, old Maps doesn’t fare that much better than new Maps.

2. There seems to be a significant difference in the way the two companies approach the task of returning search results, with Google doing whatever it takes to get any result out, while Apple seems to prefer accuracy above all.

3. In the end, this is not really a particularly useful test insofar as determining the accuracy of Maps. At best, we get to see how good Apple is as at finding things, but with targets as big as whole towns we’re unlikely to unearth any information that is really useful.

How Accurate is Apple Maps in Canada’s Largest Province? |

Old Maps vs. New Maps | Daring Fireball

iPhone の新旧マップを比較する | maclalala2


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Take A Closer Look At The Icon For Apple’s Terrible Maps App | Business Insider


Apple Drops the “Most Powerful Mapping Service Ever” Claim | Digital Inspiration


Apple Apologizes for Misstep on Maps |


Including Maps on the original iPhone was a last-minute decision | 9to5Mac

オリジナル iPhone に地図を搭載するのは土壇場での決断だった

Does Apple have a Scott Forstall problem? | Fortune Tech

Scott Forstall がアップルの問題児か?

地図でコケるミニ・スティーブなのかな:Scott Forstall, Apple’s ‘mini Steve’ | Long Tail World

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Apple が iOSマップ修正のために Google マップの元開発者を積極的に引き抜いている

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(情報筋)AppleがiOSマップ修正のためにGoogleマップの元開発者を積極的に引き抜いている | TechCrunch Japan


Source: Apple Aggressively Recruiting Ex-Google Maps Staff To Build Out iOS Maps | TechCrunch

My source — a contractor who worked on Google Maps as part of a massive undertaking to integrate Street View and newly licensed third-party data to improve European coverage, as well as develop the platform’s turn-by-turn navigation — says that when attention turned to indoor mapping, things started to become less interesting and a lot of staff began looking around for other opportunities. That turned out to be good timing for Cupertino.

Google Maps のスタッフは 7000人 : Apple は どうするの? | Agile Cat

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