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Only Apple | Daring Fireball

John Gruber の WWDC 2014 に関する最も包括的な感想・・・

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John Gruber のポッドキャスト — WWDC 会場からライブ

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Learn how Vesper built offline sync using Azure Mobile Services

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Learn how Vesper built offline sync using Azure Mobile Services | Windows Azure

Learn how Vesper built offline sync using Azure Mobile Services |

Live From Build 2014 – The Talk Show | Mule Radio Syndicate

The Talk Show: Live From Build 2014 | Daring Fireball

Cocoa for Web Services |

マイクロソフトのコマーシャルに出た John Gruber | maclalala2

Working Backwards to the Technology

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Hello, iMessage?

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Hello, iMessage? | Daring Fireball

WhatsApp の巨額買収をどう見るか | maclalala2

Platform or Perish | The Information

Google’s Tasty Lemonade

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Google’s Tasty Lemonade | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

My best guess is that the decision was ultimately a combination of misguided kingdom-building by Andy Rubin, patent panic, and delusions of Steve-Jobs-esque grandeur from Larry Page.

That’s No Lemonade. That’s a Space Station. | Daring Fireball

As it stands today, especially with Galaxy S4 sales falling short of Samsung’s expectations, when Google tells Samsung to jump, Samsung asks “How high?”


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Special | Daring Fireball

Apple being Apple | The Loop

That Special Menu | ParisLemon

今週ついにDaring Fireballのスポンサーシップが途切れた

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Apple Can’t Ban “Rate This App” Dialogs

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The Retina iPad Mini

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The Retina iPad Mini | Daring Fireball

John Gruber の Retina iPad mini レビュー

Last year left me with the impression that choosing the Mini meant accepting numerous trade-offs. That is no longer the case. This is the same device as the iPad Air. The only significant differences between them are size and weight.

John Gruber reviews the iPad mini | The Loop

読むに値するのは・・・:Marco Arment | maclalala2