★「WWDC 2014」の全セッションビデオ公開

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WWDC 2014 Session Videos | Apple Developer

スティーブの呪縛を逃れ、隠すより公開するメリットを選んだアップル:開発者向け会議「WWDC 2014」の全セッションビデオを公開! | 林 伸夫「Long and Winding Mac」




デベロッパからみた WWDC 2014

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Debug 38: WWDC 2014 developer roundtable | iMore


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Apple’s ‘App Resurrection’ Feature Great For Customers, But Opaque To Developers

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Apple’s ‘App Resurrection’ Feature Great For Customers, But Opaque To Developers | TechCrunch

Matthew Panzarino:

But there is also no way for developers to re-upload old versions of the apps with those issues fixed. Simply put, a user on an old version of iOS could download an app with issues that are impossible for a developer to ever fix. You can see the nightmare scenario that is cropping up in many developer’s minds here.

Great For Customers, Opaque To Developers | ParisLemon

Update: Apple has addressed the issue by giving the developers the option to opt-out of such functionality. Nice to see them move so quickly on this.

Apple AppStoreの「アプリ復活」機能は、ユーザーにとってはすばらしいが、デベロッパーには災難 | TechCrunch Japan

What developers thought of WWDC

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Why developers are leaving the Facebook platform

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Developers voice frustration with iCloud

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Frustrated with iCloud, Apple’s developer community speaks up en masse | Ars Technica

From data loss and corruption to unexpected Apple ID use cases, developers have seen it all—but are stymied by the persistence of problems that prevent them from shipping products with working iCloud support.

Developers voice frustration with iCloud | The Loop

Apple’s broken promise: why doesn’t iCloud ‘just work’? | The Verge

Apple’s Broken Promise: iCloud and Core Data | Daring Fireball

Apple’s iCloud problem | The Loop

Twitter to Client Developers: Drop Dead

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Twitter and developers, a love story | The Next Web

What it did say, however, which caused the Tweetro folks to hold out hope that they could get the limit lifted, was that “you will need our permission if your application will require more than 100,000 individual user tokens.”

This implies that Twitter would be flexible about the limits, but in all of my discussions with developers, and I’ve had a lot of them over the past few months, I’ve never seen evidence of them doing so. And they were not flexible with the Tweetro folks, even though there is NO official Windows 8 client from Twitter (it has said it is working on one).

What happens when a Twitter client hits the token limit |

The effective rule, therefore, is even simpler: “Don’t build anything for Twitter.”

Twitter to Client Developers: Drop Dead | Daring Fireball

You’ll use Twitter’s shitty website and you’ll like it.

The new Twitter | The Loop

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パテント・トロール Lodsys

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Patent trolls beware: app makers partnering up with legal community | Ars Technica

Oracle has filed a legal complaint against Lodsys — the company that’s taken aim at app makers on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and other technology platforms for infringing on its patents — with the hopes of invalidating them.

Oracle sues patent troll Lodsys | The Loop

Go Oracle!

パテント・トロールに腰を上げたアップル | maclalala2


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Lodsys がアップルに反論:アプリ開発者はあくまで売り上げの一部をライセンス料として払え

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Apple’s License Claim Disputed | Lodsys, LLC

We stand firm and restate our previous position that it is the 3rd party Developers that are responsible for the infringement of Lodsys’ patents and they are responsible for securing the rights for their applications. Developers relying on Apple’s letter do so to their own detriment and are strongly urged to review Apple’s own developer agreements to determine the true extent of Apple’s responsibilities to them.

「われわれは以前、Lodsysの特許を侵害しているのはサードパーティーの開発者たちであり、彼らは自らのアプリケーションの権利を確保する責任があるという立場を示したが、今でもその考えは変わっていない。Appleの書簡を頼りにしている開発者も損害を被ることになる。そうした開発者には、Apple自身の開発者契約を精査して、Appleの開発者に対する責任の範囲が実際にどの程度なのか確かめることを強く求める」[CNET Japan 訳

Lodsys sues 7 app developers in Eastern Texas, disagrees with Apple; Android also targeted | FOSS Patents

For the app developers who have been sued, this is now a very critical situation. As I explained in my Lodsys FAQ, patent litigation in the United States is extremely costly. The most important thing for those app developers is to clarify with Apple — and to the extent that Android apps are involved, with Google — whether they will be held harmless and receive blanket coverage including possible damage awards.

In this section of my Lodsys FAQ I already explained that in my view Lodsys had a Plan A and a Plan B from the outset: preferably Lodsys would like Apple and (with respect to Android) Google to pay up to address the problem, but failing that, Lodsys was (as no one can doubt today) fully prepared to take action against little app developers.

Lodsys Responds to Apple, Files Lawsuits Against App Developers, Promises $1000 If Wrong | Mac Rumors

Lodsys、アプリ内課金の特許侵害を改めて主張–アップルに反論 | CNET Japan

パテント・トロールに腰を上げたアップル | maclalala2