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Japanese electronics firms: Eclipsed by Apple | The Economist


Smartphones account for a fifth of Japan’s trade deficit? Wow.

アップルのせいで見る影もない日本の家電業界 はコメントを受け付けていません

“日本惨敗”はW杯だけではない — 経済でもドイツ、オランダに絶対勝てない理由

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“日本惨敗”はW杯だけではない — 経済でもドイツ、オランダに絶対勝てない理由 はコメントを受け付けていません


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製造を外注しても技術力を失わないアップルの凄み 欧米モデルを誤解し安易に模倣する日本企業のリスク

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Mt. Gox faced questions on handling client cash long before crisis

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The Inside Story of Mt. Gox, Bitcoin’s $460 Million Disaster

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The Inside Story of Mt. Gox, Bitcoin’s $460 Million Disaster |

From a distance, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange looked like a towering example of renegade entrepreneurism. But on the inside, according to some who were there, Mt. Gox was a messy combination of poor management, neglect, and raw inexperience.

Mark Karpeles, a man who was more of a computer coder than a chief executive and yet was sometimes distracted even from his technical duties when they were most needed. “Mark liked the idea of being CEO, but the day-to-day reality bored him,” says one Mt. Gox insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A new wave of entrepreneurs may bring the digital currency a new level of respectability, but over its first several years, bitcoin has been driven largely by computer geeks with little experience in the financial world. The most prominent example is Mark Karpeles.

MtGox code posted by hackers as company files for bankruptcy protection | Ars Technica

How to lose $7,000 of gear and get it back? Go to Japan.

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マウントゴックス破綻 顧客のビットコインは消失

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The World’s Newest Island, Niijima

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