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Report Claims Apple Returned 5 Million Faulty iPhone 5 to Foxconn

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iPhone 5 hits 300,000 reservations in China

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iPhone 5 hits 300,000 reservations in China | Macworld

China Unicom is one of two mobile carriers in the country that will be selling the device, and has about 232 million mobile subscribers.

iPhone 5 gets 300,000 pre-orders in China | The Loop

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Apple has solved its iPhone 5 supply problems – just in time

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Mapgate Is Over

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Charlie Rose, David Pogue, John Gruber on iPhone 5 Debut

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David Pogue, John Gruber on iPhone 5 Debut | Businessweek

Charlie Rose, Sept. 21: New York Times technology columnist David Pogue and Daring Fireball tech blogger John Gruber discuss the iPhone 5.

2-year cadence

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Preparing for the iPhone Next: Rumors Analyzed | AnandTech

Trends are pretty easy to spot in the table. With the exception of the first iPhone, the industrial design appears to be on a 2-year cadence. The CPU and GPU architectures are also on the same 2-year cadence. From a silicon standpoint even the cellular architecture is trending towards the same 2-year cadence, with a few notable exceptions (e.g. GSM/CDMA iPhone 4 divide).

Based on historical trends alone it’s pretty easy to conclude that we’ll see a 4th generation chassis, a pair of ARM Cortex A9s and a PowerVR SGX 543MP2 under the hood. Add the assumption of LTE (a reasonable one to make) and you have a pretty believable story. It turns out the currently available evidence helps corroborate this, but let’s dig through what’s out there to see how this all fits.

The iPhone 5 Performance Preview | AnandTech

The AnandTech Podcast: Episode 5 | AnandTech

iPhone 5 チップはカスタム A6 SoC | maclalala:link

iPhone 5 の第一印象を街行くひとに聞いてみた

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First Look: iPhone 5 | YouTube]

Jimmy Kimmel on the iPhone 5 | The Loop

iPhone 5 の第一印象を街行くひとに聞いてみた・・・ただし見せたのはこれまでの iPhone 4S

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iPhone 5 のテレビコマーシャル

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Apple – iPhone 5 – TV Ads | YouTube]

Thumb | YouTube
Cheese | YouTube
Physics | YouTube
Ears | YouTube

iPhone TV Ads | Apple [Videos]

Apple’s new iPhone 5 TV ads | The Loop

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The iPhone 5 Episode

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The iPhone 5 Episode – The Talk Show | Mule Radio Syndicate

Special guest MG Siegler joins John Gruber this week to discuss — what else? — the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.