グーグルから Bing に乗り換えた(?)アップル

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Asking Siri To Tell You A Tale Sheds Light On Her Complex Backstory

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Her – Official Trailer (HD) Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams | YouTube

Samantha の声(Scarlett Johansson)がステキ・・・

Her (2013) | IMDb

The Astonishing Triumph Of ‘Her’ | ParisLemon

Her | Review In Haiku

Anyway, I really liked ‘Her’ … | Twitter / parislemon

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Apple’s Siri chief moves to Samsung to build connected device platform

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★Machine language: how Siri found its voice

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Machine language: how Siri found its voice | The Verge


For every Siri, there’s an actor sitting in a sound booth, really needing to go to the bathroom or scratch an itch. Once that person finishes her job, she can go home. But her voice has only begun its journey.

The text-to-speech industry is extremely competitive, and highly secretive.

Getting a computer to assemble a human-sounding voice is a herculean task.

These early robotic voices sounded robotic because they were totally robotic.

At a bare minimum, he says, it would be nice if voice systems like Siri understood the users’ emotional state and reacted accordingly, the way a human attendant may adopt a soothing voice to deal with an enraged customer, for instance.

How Siri found its voice | The Verge

Allison Dufty がステキだ・・・

While the tech sector gets excited about the future of speech, there is one group that is surprisingly not psyched about it: voice actors. That’s right, the very people supplying the raw materials. The reason might be they just don’t understand the implications. Although there are actors, like Day, or Allison Dufty, a voice-over actress who has done many jobs for Nuance, who are willing to speak publicly about their work, those actors are few and far between..

How Siri found a voice | Dave Mark

I’ve always been fascinated by Natural Language Processing (parsing language into a computer understandable form) and speech synthesis (turning raw text into an human sounding spoken voice). Siri is an example of both of these technologies at work.

This article and the video below does a terrific job filling in some of the blanks on how tech like Siri evolved over time and how it works.

Perfect. Lots of “castration”.

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Apple Finally Reveals How Long Siri Keeps Your Data

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Hold The Phone, I Want My Dick Tracy Watch

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Hold The Phone, I Want My Dick Tracy Watch | TechCrunch

At first, these Dick Tracy watches are undoubtedly going to rely heavily on your smartphone, just as the Pebble does. Eventually, though, the tech can and will reside on your wrist. Maybe then the smartphone is the thing people carry around mainly to take pictures with. Crazy to think about now, perhaps. But why are we all walking around with a computer in our pockets?

Google Glass is a fascinating bit of technology. But I say there’s no way that sees any sort of mainstream adoption before my Dick Tracy watch does. Baby steps. And we’re getting very close to that particular step. I can’t wait.

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Can Siri go deaf, mute and blind?

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Can Siri go deaf, mute and blind? | counternotions

What happens to Apple’s design advantage in an age of objects performing simple discreet tasks or “intuiting” and brokering our next command among themselves without the need for our touch or gaze? Indeed, what happens to UI design, in general, in an ocean of “interface-less” objects inter-networked ubiquitously?

Can Siri Go Deaf, Mute, and Blind?‘ | Daring Fireball

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The Inside Story Of Siri’s Origins

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