Don’t Give Up on the iPad

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Don‘t Give Up on the iPad | stratechery by Ben Thompson

Don’t give up on the iPad | The Loop

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Lost Mode for iOS: how to use it to find your iPad or iPhone

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iPad replacement cycle: Like an iPhone? Mac? Or (worse still) TV?

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SIMフリーiPad mini Retina: どのMVNOを選ぶ?

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The Mac Then and the iPad Now

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“Significantly Hotter”

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“It’s Just A Big iPod Touch”

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“It’s Just A Big iPod Touch” | TechCrunch


To MG Siegler from his mother:

So yes, I like the iPad, but I miss a keyboard. I don’t like this touchpad. But I use it now in place of my old computer. I go on Pinterest. But I am having a few issues (as usual). It just shuts down and the Apple appears on the black screen. Must be that I’m using it too much? I use it for email, Facebook, and checking things out. Love you. Xoxox

Sent from my iPad

What is xoxox for? | Yahoo! Answers

ホントに迷ってしまう | maclalala2

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国内購入のiPad、海外で「SIMフリー」で使えた 「海外版買う必要なかったのか」の声

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国内購入のiPad、海外で「SIMフリー」で使えた 「海外版買う必要なかったのか」の声 | J-CASTニュース

ソフトバンクモバイルに取材すると、「過去のモデルを含めてiPad/iPad miniに海外のSIMカードを挿して現地で使用することができる」と広報担当者は答えた。一方、KDDIからは、「動作保証をしていないので、どちらともいいがたい」という回答が返ってきた。

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The best free games for iPhone and iPad

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iPad price cuts: A signal Apple is about to release new ones

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