Lost Mode for iOS: how to use it to find your iPad or iPhone

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Lost Mode for iOS: how to use it to find your iPad or iPhone | Apple Toolbox

Lost your iPhone or iPad? Here’s what to do next | The Loop

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Top Android Executive Says Google Didn’t Copy Apple’s iPhone


Android docs reveal before iPhone, Google’s plan was a Java button phone | AppleInsider

Lying Google bastards | The Loop

Here’s What Android Looked Like Before the iPhone | Re/code

No One Said Following Is Easy | Daring Fireball

Google’s sneaky new privacy change affects 85% of iPhone users—but most of them won’t have noticed

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アップル、新iPhone9月発売 画面大きく2サイズ

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iPhone SIMロック解除(SIMアンロック、SIMフリー化)まとめ(2014/3/11更新)

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Canaccord: iPhone 5S is No. 1 at all U.S. carriers; 5C is No. 2 or 3

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iPad replacement cycle: Like an iPhone? Mac? Or (worse still) TV?

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SoftBank CEO: how I got Steve Jobs to give me iPhone exclusivity for Japan

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Life Changing Tech

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Life Changing Tech |

“May I talk to Steve please” | The Loop

This is such a great story on what can happen if your phone number shows up on the news just after Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone.