アップルは iTunesPassを何故追加したのか?

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アップルは iTunesPassを何故追加したのか? はコメントを受け付けていません

Apple’s iTunes Radio launches internationally, starting with Australia

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Fortune 130

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Fortune 130 | asymco

On a yearly basis iTunes/Software/Services is nearly half of Google’s core business and growing slightly faster.

iTunes Store の売上げはグーグルの約半分 | maclalala2

In the age of iCloud, does Apple need to maintain a monstrous iTunes?

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In the age of iCloud, does Apple need to maintain a monstrous iTunes? |

iTunes has been around for so long now, it’s starting to get really bloated and overweight. On the one hand it’s great that everything you need to help manage your iOS device, media content and more besides is accessibly in one place. But that one place isn’t necessarily the right place. With iCloud at their disposal, Apple could strip away pretty much all of the overwhelming store, and leave us with a stripped down media playing experience. iOS style apps would be pretty fantastic, but while we have to think about our Windows using friends it’s unlikely it would happen. Sending a big chunk of iTunes to the web would be a good place to start, though, and everyone could benefit from that.

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Apple Refunds Parents After Kid Blows £1,700 on In-Game Purchases in 10 Minutes

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iTunes refund after Bristol boy’s £1,700 spending spree | BBC News

無料アプリで10分間に24 万円も使ってしまった5歳の男の子・・・

The family of a five-year-old boy who spent £1,700 of his parents’ cash on iTunes has received a full refund.

Apple Refunds Parents After Kid Blows £1,700 on In-Game Purchases in 10 Minutes | Gizmodo UK

iTunes のゲームで10分間に24万円も使ってしまった男の子 | maclalala2

子供「iPadで遊んでいい?」 ママ「いいわよ~」→20万円の請求 | ガジェットさん家

クレジットカードを使わずに iTunes Store、App Store、iBookstore、および Mac App Store アカウントを作成する方法 | アップル

子供にタブレット等で遊ばせる際の注意点のまとめ | もとまか日記



Counting stool legs

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Counting stool legs | asymco

Indeed, if seen in isolation, iTunes + Accessories combined is a bigger business in terms of revenues than any of the other phone vendors except Samsung.

Counting Stool Legs | Daring Fireball

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グーグルの DNS サーバを使うとダウンロードが遅くなる

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Google DNS

iTunes slowdowns with Google DNS | joe maller

Last night we tried to rent an iTunes movie on our newish Apple TV. Instead of starting right away, the Apple TV said it would be 2+ hours before we could start watching. I’ve got a healthy 15-20Mb/s connection and a clean wire to the Apple TV, so this shouldn’t be happening.

A little bit of research turned up a surprising fix: Don’t use Google DNS.

iTunes Store Slowdowns With Google DNS | Daring Fireball

I had the same thing happen last week. Horrendously slow downloads on my Apple TV, despite a fine network connection. Switching from Google DNS to my default DNS servers (Comcast) fixed it.

iTunes の雑誌購読が遅れているホントの理由

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Apple, Publishers Still Miles Apart on iTunes Magazine Subscriptions | AllThingsD


That offer has been on the table for a “couple months,” I’m told, and so far none of the big publishers have gone for it. They don’t like the 30 percent cut that Apple wants to take, but their real hang-up is lack of access to credit card data: It’s valuable to them for marketing, and without it they can’t offer print/digital bundles, either.


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Scott Sims: Apple scooped themselves. … | Twitter

アップルは自分で自分に先を越されてるじゃない。ビートルズのアルバムは発表の45分前から iTunes にアップされてるよ。

Apple scooped themselves. The Beatles albums already up on iTunes 45 minutes before the announcement.

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shimshim: もう、ビートルズ買える。では、0時の発表は何??? ... | Twitter


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「iTunes からのエキサイティングな発表」を1時間後に控えて・・・

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Wil Wheaton: Obviously, the Apple annou … | Twitter

明日の発表は、ジョブズが実はロボットで、iTunes が今や自我を持ち始めたってことに決まってるじゃないか。目を覚ませよ、アップルに飼いならされた羊ども!

Obviously, the Apple announcement tomorrow is that Jobs is a robot, and iTunes is now self-aware. WAKE UP, iSHEEPLE!

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Ellen DeGeneres: Apple says iTunes is makin … | Togetter


Apple says iTunes is making a big announcement tomorrow. If it’s a baby, I hope they name it Ellen.

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Ryan Hamrick: Seems kind of un-Apple-lik ... | Twitter


Seems kind of un-Apple-like for the landing page to still say “tomorrow” when it’s an hour before the announcement.