Don’t Give Up on the iPad

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Don‘t Give Up on the iPad | stratechery by Ben Thompson

Don’t give up on the iPad | The Loop

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Stratechery goes solo: Ben Thompson on Asia, Apple, and the shifting tides of online media

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Stratechery goes solo: an interview with Ben Thompson | Tech in Asia

I did my internship at Apple through a program called “Apple University,” which is basically a program that focuses on teaching you what makes Apple Apple. It was a fantastic top-level view of the company and gave me a deep appreciation for how Apple goes about things. Beyond the exposure to the company, I worked on developing a ‘course,’ as it were, about a specific topic, which I’m pretty sure is still being used. Unfortunately, with Apple being Apple, I can’t say anything more about it.

Episode 001 – Welcome to Stratechery.FM | Stratechery



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The Social Conglomerate

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The Social Conglomerate | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Go To The Mat On Stickers – The Talk Show | Mule Radio Syndicate

Ben Thompson joins John Gruber to discuss Facebook’s blockbuster acquisition of WhatsApp, the wide world of mobile messaging in general…

The Social Conglomerate |

Episode 001 – The Garbage Truck Song | Exponent

Microsoft v Microsoft

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Microsoft v Microsoft | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Microsoft is batshit crazy | The Loop

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Two Bears, Revisited

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Two Bears, Revisited | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Two Bears, Revisited | Daring Fireball

Two Bears, Revisited |

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Google’s Tasty Lemonade

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Google’s Tasty Lemonade | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

My best guess is that the decision was ultimately a combination of misguided kingdom-building by Andy Rubin, patent panic, and delusions of Steve-Jobs-esque grandeur from Larry Page.

That’s No Lemonade. That’s a Space Station. | Daring Fireball

As it stands today, especially with Galaxy S4 sales falling short of Samsung’s expectations, when Google tells Samsung to jump, Samsung asks “How high?”

Google’s New Business Model

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Google’s New Business Model | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Windows 8 Became A Reason *Not* To Buy A New PC

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Windows 8 and the Cost of Complexity | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Windows 8 Became A Reason *Not* To Buy A New PC | ParisLemon

“Threshold” to be Called Windows 9, Ship in April 2015 | Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows

Windows 8 has set back Microsoft, and Windows, by years, and possibly for good.

Chromebooks and the Cost of Complexity

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Chromebooks and the Cost of Complexity | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Chromebooks Features Versus Bloat | ParisLemon

The recent rise of the Chromebook suggests it may have hit enough features without the bloat of a Windows machine. A weakness becomes a strength.

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★Instagram Direct, Twitter DMs, and the Social/Communications Map

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