Marco Arment sells The Magazine to Glenn Fleishman

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Welcome to The Loop magazine

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Welcome to The Loop magazine | The Loop

The Loop magazine for iPhone and iPad released | The Loop

The Loop Magazine: The long-form Loop you’ve been waiting for! |

The Loop Magazine | ParisLemon

Following in Marco Arment’s footsteps, Jim Dalrymple has released a bi-monthly magazine on Apple’s Newsstand.

I really like the movement towards self-publishing of original content that is paid for by the readers (The Loop Magazine is $1.99 per month). And I love the move away from the bloated 700 MB magazine downloads that big publishers puke up once a month.

The Loop Magazine updated and an apology | The Loop

How To Start A Magazine (And Make A Profit)

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How To Start A Magazine (And Make A Profit) | NPR

“I don’t really know why I started it,” Arment told me yesterday. Then he listed off a bunch of reasons why he started it.

How To Start A Magazine (And Make A Profit) |

Pages で ePub ファイルを作成する方法

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The tablet is killing the ebook reader: Study says shipments to fall 36% this year

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The tablet is killing the ebook reader: Study says shipments to fall 36% this year | GeekWire

“The stunning rise and then blazing flameout of ebooks perfectly encapsulate what has become an axiomatic truth in the industry: Single-task devices like the ebook reader are being replaced without remorse in the lives of consumers by their multifunction equivalents, in this case by media tablets,” says IHS analyst Jordan Selburn in a news release.

Why we won’t have tablet-native journalism

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Why Magazine Apps Suck

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Why Magazine Apps Suck | TechCrunch

The truth is that The Daily failed before it ever launched. They simply failed to take product lessons from apps like Flipboard and could not see the correct road ahead. Publications like The Magazine and TRVL are now the ones showing the way. Others will come and expand upon these ideas. And I suspect some of them will eventually gain millions of happily paying readers.

And I doubt many of those will be names you know right now. Because those guys just don’t get it and never will.

Why magazine apps suck | The Loop

The Daily shutting down

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The Daily shutting down |

The Daily failed because what they chose to make, with its huge staffing costs, required far more than their 100,000 subscribers to be financially sustainable. And it didn’t attract more subscribers because what they chose to make was, itself, deeply flawed.

Build and Analyze #106: Outlasted The Daily | 5by5

The Daily はなぜ失敗したのか | maclalala2

Why ‘The Daily’ Failed

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2 major lessons from the demise of The Daily | Poynter.

Being the first-of-a-kind is as dangerous as it is exciting in the technology world. With few or no prior examples to learn from, you’re left to try stuff and learn the hard way. With the benefit of hindsight, there seem to be at least two other major lessons from The Daily’s failure:

Audience clarity. It was difficult to grasp who exactly was the intended audience of The Daily. It excelled at interactive elements and visual appeal, but the contents were so sprawling and varied that it was tough to know who this publication was speaking for and to.

One platform isn’t enough. The Daily was first imagined as the daily news magazine for the iPad era. Going with a tablet-first strategy was a great, ambitious idea. But going with a tablet-only strategy? In hindsight, questionable.

Lessons from the demise of The Daily | The Loop

Why ‘The Daily’ Failed | Daring Fireball

#1 I agree with. The Daily had no personality, no focus. It wasn’t tawdry enough to be a New York Post-style tabloid, and wasn’t serious enough to compete with the New York Times. #2 I completely disagree with. Correlation is not causation, and I see no evidence that going tablet-only led to The Daily’s demise.

Their success was that they got over 100,000 readers to pay at least $40 per year for a subscription. How many digital publications can say that? Not many. And the iPad — with Apple’s simple, trusted, familiar payment mechanism — made that possible. The Daily’s problem was simply that they weren’t conceived to operate on $5 or $6 million per year in revenue. A smarter, smaller team could.

Confessions of a The Daily subscriber | The Loop

News Corp. kills The Daily

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News Corp. Stops Publication of The Daily iPad App | AllThingsD

The Daily, News Corp.’s attempt to create a newspaper for the iPad era, is shutting down after less than two years.

The media giant, which also owns this Web site, said it will “cease standalone publication” of the app on Dec. 15.

News Corp. kills The Daily | The Loop

The Daily’s Final Day: About 100 Employees In The Newsroom, Little Inkling Of Layoffs | TechCrunch


What It Was Like Launching the Doomed iPad Magazine The Daily | Gizmodo

Troll all you want about News Corp — 90% of which is going to be wrong anyway — but a lot of good people were given pink slips today and that’s unfortunate. I imagine it’s going to suck to have to publish for another 12 days. I’m pouring one out for you, homies.