Google Scraps Plan to Build Hong Kong Data Center

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The Building is the New Server

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Data Centers Waste Vast Amounts of Energy, Belying Industry Image |

“This is an industry dirty secret, and no one wants to be the first to say mea culpa,” said a senior industry executive who asked not to be identified to protect his company’s reputation. “If we were a manufacturing industry, we’d be out of business straightaway.”

Why the New York Times Story “Power, Pollution, and the Internet” is a Sloppy Failure | Forbes

It would shock me if John Markoff, the dean of tech reporters at the Times, had read this story carefully, given its many glaring misconceptions, omissions, and distortions.

これは「業界の不都合な秘密」?–データセンターのエネルギー浪費に関する記事が話題 | CNET Japan

Facebook offers a look inside its Oregon data center

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Expansion at Apple site in Maiden | Hickory Daily Record

And this week, work has started on the main campus of the data center. Driving by the campus, you can actually see the structure from the road. That’s because part of the berm — an earthen wall — has been demolished as part of some type of construction.

What type of construction taking place on the main campus is not clear. No one is talking, or seems to know.

Is Apple Going Modular at its North Carolina iDataCenter? | Data Center Knowledge

Apple has filed plans with Catawaba County to construct a 21,000 square foot “tactical MDC” on a concrete pad at the company’s campus in Maiden, N.C. The permits included few details about the facility design, but “MDC” is frequently used as an acronym for “modular data center.”

The building permits for the new Apple tactical MDC don’t name a particular provider. But Apple is currently deploying modular data centers from NxGen Modular at its new data center in Prineville, Oregon. NxGen has developed next-generation modular designs, with pre-fabricated components that can be assembled into a complete data center, complete with power, cooling and mechanical rooms.

アップルの iCloud データセンターが出来るまで

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The story behind how Apple’s iCloud data center got built | GigaOM

GigaOM のアップルデータセンター特集

Apple’s new $1 billion data center — one of the highest-profile new data centers in the world — has put the town of Maiden, North Carolina (population: just over 3,000) on the tech map. But it almost didn’t get built.

The ultimate geek road trip: North Carolina’s mega data center cluster | GigaOM

10 reasons Apple, Facebook & Google chose North Carolina for their mega data centers | GigaOM

The controversial world of clean power and data centers | GigaOM


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iCloud Mystery: Is Apple Using Azure & Amazon? | Data Center Knowledge

Early users of Apple’s iCloud technology have uncovered a bit of a mystery: evidence that Apple may be using Windows Azure and/or Amazon Web Services in its early implementation of the iCloud. The reports are based on user analyses of HTTP traffic, and have prompted debate about what the data reveal and whether or not Apple is using other cloud services to supplement its North Carolina data center.

Is iCloud utilizing Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s cloud services? | InfiniteApple

Is Apple tapping Amazon and Microsoft to boost iCloud? | GigaOM

Apple iCloud Azure use tested, confirmed | InfiniteApple

Is Apple really using Windows Azure to power iCloud? | ZDNet

Windows Azure Content Distribution Network (CDN) | Windows Azure [Microsoft]

What Could Apple’s iCloud Service Be Worth To Akamai? Here’s Some Numbers | The Business Of Online Video

I Would Not Build Underground | Hypercritical #22

What Datacenter Equipment Is Apple Using? | Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

Big data meets big storage: an in-depth look at Isilon’s scale-out storage solution | Ars Technica

初めて公開された iDataCenter 内部

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DuPont Fabros Technology

Apple Adding Data Center in Silicon Valley | Data Center Knowledge

In April, Apple signed a seven-year lease for 2.28 megawatts of critical power load in a new data center being built in Santa Clara, Calif. by DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT), a leading developer of wholesale data center space. The lease is scheduled to commence in the third quarter (July to September), when the building opens.

DuPont Fabros disclosed the Santa Clara lease in its first quarter earnings, but did not reveal the name of the tenant, which is consistent with its policies. In a conference call with analysts, company executives described the tenant as a “Fortune 50 technology company with excellent credit.” But multiple industry sources have since confirmed that the tenant is Apple.

The Silicon Valley lease works out to about 11,000 square feet of data center space. By comparison, the iDataCenter in Maiden, North Carolina is 500,000 square feet, and includes more than 184,000 square feet of data center space, according to records filed with local officials.

Apple may lease data center space in Silicon Valley | CNET News

アップル、新たなデータセンタースペースのリース契約を締結か | CNET Japan


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