Book Review: Haunted Empire

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‘Haunted Empire’ sticks to its Apple-is-doomed narrative | Macworld

Jason Snell on ‘Haunted Empire’ | Daring Fireball

Haunted Empire review: It’s the book about Apple after Steve Jobs that’s the real horror story | iMore

Rene Ritchie: ‘This Is a Bad Book’ | Daring Fireball

Book Review: Haunted Empire, Apple After Steve Jobs | 9to5Mac

‘There Were Some Interesting Bits’ | Daring Fireball

iOS 7.1 review

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Apple fanboys

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Person-centric computing: The not-“iAnywhere” future beyond iOS and OS X

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Person-centric computing: The not-“iAnywhere” future beyond iOS and OS X | iMore

Beyond iOS or OS X, beyond “iAnywhere”, that’s the dream many of us have been waiting for.

The future of computing | The Loop

Why we fear Google

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iPhone 5s review

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iPhone 5s review | iMore

Rene Ritchie:

The iPhone 5 was a fantastic upgrade that never got the recognition it deserved. iPhone 5s builds on that foundation, and thanks to both iOS 7 on the inside and some gilding on the outside, perception is better reflecting reality than it has in years. It doesn’t have the 41-megapixel lens of the Lumia 1020, the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry Q10, the double-sized battery of the Motorola MAXX variants, or the 5-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5s makes a lot of tradeoffs that, while good for most of the people most of the time, won’t be good for everyone, every time. That means there could be other phones by other manufacturers that better suit some needs. There may even be another phone by Apple.

iMore show 352: WWDC 2013 preview

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iMore show 352: WWDC 2013 preview |

iMore Show 352: WWDC Preview with Jim and Peter | The Loop

This week’s iMore Show podcast was a WWDC preview. Rene Ritchie hosted; I was there and our special guest was some homeless guy Jim Dalrymple. Watch as that fucker laughs uncontrollably every time he sees my headphones and calls me Princess Leia.

Debug 11: Don Melton and Safari

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Debug 11: Don Melton and Safari |


Don Melton, former Engineering Director of Internet Technologies at Apple, talks to Guy and Rene about assembler on the Apple II, open-sourcing Mozilla, building Nautilus, creating WebKit and the Safari browser, teaching bears to dance, and cleaning cusses from code bases.

I’m on the “Debug” podcast this week |

Don Melton on Debug | Daring Fireball

Best podcast episode I’ve heard in a while is this interview with Don Melton by Guy English and Rene Ritchie. Some great insight into the history of Safari and WebKit, and a lot of other Apple history too. (E.g., Melton reveals that Scott Forstall was the champion of the Carbon strategy, and sold the idea up the chain to Bertrand Serlet, Avie Tevanian, and Steve Jobs. I did not know that.)

What Else Google Is Shutting Down

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What Else Google Is Shutting Down |

One of the interesting ones: the CalDAV API will be removed for all but whitelisted developers. CalDAV builds on WebDAV and is an open standard. Instead you’d have to use the Google Calendar API.

What Else Google Is Shutting Down | Daring Fireball

Open always wins, and Google is always open. Right?

“Even if you don’t use an RSS reader, you still use RSS.” |

Google spring cleans Reader out of existence, also trashcans some CalDav, Snapseed for Mac |

RSS is the file-system of news, in a post-file system world. It’s fantastic infrastructure, but the front end needs to evolve beyond traditional reader apps.

Rene Ritchie on RSS, Post-Google Reader | Daring Fireball

It’s Not Just Reader – Google Kills Its RSS Subscription Browser Extension, Too | TechCrunch

The “iPhone 5S” problem

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The “iPhone 5S” problem |

The “iPhone 5S” problem is the idea that Apple has become predictable coupled with the perception that the next big thing might just come from somewhere else.

The “iPhone 5S” Problem | ParisLemon

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