Apple may seek health insurer subsidies for iWatch fitness bands

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AppleがMacBook Air 12インチRetinaディスプレイモデルを間もなくリリース、iWatch情報も


Rumor: 12-inch Retina MacBook/Air updates coming soon without fan or mechanical trackpad button | 9to5Mac

New Slim 12″ MacBook and MacBook Air Updates Soon | MacRumors

AppleがMacBook Air 12インチRetinaディスプレイモデルを間もなくリリース、iWatch情報も | 小龍茶館

苹果即将发布的新款笔记本,不知道大家有没有兴趣了解,可以稍微透露些 – Mac综合讨论区 | 威锋网

New Rumor Points To My Perfect, Theoretical MacBook Air | ParisLemon

《Update:中国からピッタリのウワサ》 | maclalala2

iWatch + iOS 8: Apple sets out to redefine mobile health, fitness tracking

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Apple Executives Met With F.D.A. to Discuss Mobile Medical Applications |

iWatch + iOS 8: Apple sets out to redefine mobile health, fitness tracking | 9to5Mac

Doing Something First Versus Doing Something Right | ParisLemon

いよいよ動き出した「iWatch」 | maclalala2

Google, Apple and Mobile Medical Apps | Managed Market Access

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in that meeting. While it’s impossible to know whether this meeting occurred as the opening of Apple’s dialogue with FDA, or rather as part of an ongoing dialogue with FDA that began long ago, one thing is clear: the senior level nature of the meeting appears to demonstrate Apple’s extremely strong commitment to the mHealth space and foreshadows a major product announcement or initiative in the mobile medical industry (fully loaded iWatch?)

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Apple files for ownership of ‘iWatch’ trademark in Russia, report claims

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Ex-Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch to head former team of iPod engineers on new (iWatch?) projects

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Just a Head Fake?

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iWatch or iNot? | Om Malik

We have been privately musing that Apple’s iWatch might just be a head fake, a way to throw off the rivals (and even insiders at the company) and send them on a wild goose chase.

More details emerge about scope of Apple smart watch project | GigaOM

Sometimes I just hope Apple’s … | Twitter / gassee

Just a Head Fake? | Daring Fireball

目くらまし | maclalala2

Similarities between the original iPad launch and rumored iWatch

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A watch is not technology it is fashion and about individuality

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iWatch | i Heart Apple 2

iWatch porn. | ParisLemon

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If Apple does end up releasing a watch,…

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If Apple does end up releasing a watch, do you think they’d try and pull off a stunt like the MacBook Air or original iPod Nano and have Tim Cook or one of the VPs wear it on stage before revealing it? | ParisLemon

Yes, I think that would be the only way to do it. It would be both fun and would show the device as it is meant to be used: as an “always-on” device.

In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone is already out there right now wearing around a prototype, testing it out to make sure it’s ready for all-the-time wearing.

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