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iPad Air レビュー

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The iPad Air | Daring Fireball [John Gruber]

For me, personally, with my primary uses of the iPad being reading web pages, Twitter, email, and books,2 the larger display of the Air doesn’t have as much appeal. I think I’m going to hold out and buy a new iPad Mini for myself. But it’s a damn close call.

きわどい差 | maclalala2

Review: iPad Air | The Loop [Jim Dalrymple]

The iPad Air Review | AnandTech [Anand Lal Shimpi]

Speed and Power Packed Into a Thin iPad Air | AllThingsD [Walt Mossberg]

The Pogue Review: iPad Air | A Note from Pogue [David Pogue]

NY タイムズをやめた(やめる?)Pogue・・・

Lighter and Faster, It’s iPad Air | [Damon Darlin]

Pogue の後任?

The iPad Air –A Truly Mass Market Personal Computer | Tech.pinions [Ben Bajarin]

今回から Ben Bajarin も・・・

Green iPhone 5C Hidden In A Beard – The Talk Show

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Green iPhone 5C Hidden In A Beard – The Talk Show | Mule Radio Syndicate

Special guest Jim Dalrymple joins John Gruber to talk about the new iPhones 5S and 5C on the cusp of their release, as well as iOS 7.

・アップルキャンパス → 一般との隔離が進む?
・64-bit より ARMv8 が重要
・Anand Lal Shimpi の詳細さには敵わない
・naming convention の問題(来年はどうなる?)
  5C → 5CS
  5S → 6
・A7 はサムスン製? → iFixit を待つ
・指紋センサーは iPad にも採用されるか?
・ Jim Dalrymple はどうしてそんなにパーフェクトなのか

‘Green iPhone 5C Hidden in a Beard’ | Daring Fireball

Don’t worry about iOS 7

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Don’t worry about iOS 7 | The Loop

It’s not done.

Don’t Worry About iOS 7 | Daring Fireball

iOS 7 のことは心配しなくていい | maclalala2

WWDC 2013:アップルギークたちの反応

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Jim Dalrymple:

Apple’s confidence | The Loop

John Gruber:

‘This Is Our Signature’: iOS 7 | Daring Fireball

iOS 7 は決してフラットではなかった! | maclalala2

Ben Thompson:

Tim Cook is a Great CEO | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

アップルの署名(Our Signature) | maclalala2

Marco Arment:

Fertile Ground |

肥沃な大地 | maclalala2

iMore show 352: WWDC 2013 preview

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iMore show 352: WWDC 2013 preview |

iMore Show 352: WWDC Preview with Jim and Peter | The Loop

This week’s iMore Show podcast was a WWDC preview. Rene Ritchie hosted; I was there and our special guest was some homeless guy Jim Dalrymple. Watch as that fucker laughs uncontrollably every time he sees my headphones and calls me Princess Leia.

WWDC Expectations

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WWDC Expectations | The Loop

The important thing to remember about WWDC is that it is a developer conference. It’s not a place where Apple is going to show off the newest iPhone or iPad. These are Apple’s flagship products and they demand separate events.

WWDC では何が期待できるか | maclalala2

Jim Dalrymple’s WWDC Expectations |


WWDC Expectations | Daring Fireball

So I think it’s not so much that they wouldn’t announce a new iPhone or iPad during the WWDC keynote, but simply that they don’t yet have new iPhones or iPads to announce.

WWDC may not be entirely hardware-free after all | GigaOM

A new report indicates we could see new Macs introduced at Apple’s annual developer conference alongside new mobile and desktop operating systems.

Beard Bash at WWDC 2013

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Welcome to The Loop magazine

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Welcome to The Loop magazine | The Loop

The Loop magazine for iPhone and iPad released | The Loop

The Loop Magazine: The long-form Loop you’ve been waiting for! |

The Loop Magazine | ParisLemon

Following in Marco Arment’s footsteps, Jim Dalrymple has released a bi-monthly magazine on Apple’s Newsstand.

I really like the movement towards self-publishing of original content that is paid for by the readers (The Loop Magazine is $1.99 per month). And I love the move away from the bloated 700 MB magazine downloads that big publishers puke up once a month.

The Loop Magazine updated and an apology | The Loop

Don’t Yell At Me, I’m Married

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Amplified #52: Don’t Yell At Me, I’m Married | 5by5

Jim and Dan discuss the Úll conference, Apple’s Q2 earnings, secret new products, the iWatch, the Mac Pro, the iMac’s missed opportunity, the WWDC announcement (and the hidden meanings in the image), how to attend WWDC, the state of Windows, and more.

Amplified: Don’t Yell At Me, I’m Married | The Loop

「怒鳴らないでくれ」 | maclalala2