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Giants behaving badly: Google, Facebook and Amazon show us the downside of monopolies and black-box algorithms | GigaOM

Google, Facebook and Amazon have shown us again this week why the combination of a quasi-monopoly, vested interests and an inscrutable algorithm can be a dangerous thing for internet users, since it allows them to influence what we see, know and buy

Amazon Says No to Accepting Bitcoin, Maybe to Building an Amex or Visa Competitor

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Hello, iMessage?

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Hello, iMessage? | Daring Fireball

WhatsApp の巨額買収をどう見るか | maclalala2

Platform or Perish | The Information

Why Can’t Amazon And Apple Catch a Break on Madison Ave?

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Why Can’t Amazon And Apple Catch a Break on Madison Ave? | Advertising Age

Advertising Sales Are a Tough Slog for Both — And for A lot of the Same Reasons

Ad Age on Apple and Amazon | Daring Fireball

Billionaire Bezos Flown out of Galápagos

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Billionaire Bezos Flown out of Galápagos | Galápagos Digital

Ecuadorean Navy Delivers for Amazon Chief |

The Ecuadorean Navy offered Jeff Bezos same-day shipping on an Amazon Prime package: Mr. Bezos himself.

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Amazon Prime Air

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Amazon Prime Air | YouTube

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos looks to the future | CBS News

Charlie Rose: 30 minutes?

Jeff Bezos: These generations of vehicles, it could be a 10-mile radius from a fulfillment center. So, in urban areas, you could actually cover very significant portions of the population. And so, it won’t work for everything; you know, we’re not gonna deliver kayaks or table saws this way. These are electric motors, so this is all electric; it’s very green, it’s better than driving trucks around. This is…this is all an R&D project.

Ack-ack |

I might argue it’s a matter of collateral damage. I don’t know how I could tell Amazon’s harmless, happy-day drones from Google’s real-time people-watchers — or those of the police or the NSA. It’s best to shoot them all down.

ぜんぶ撃ち落としちゃえ | maclalala2

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Careers at Amazon: Why It’s So Hard to Climb Jeff Bezos’s Corporate Ladder

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Careers at Amazon: Why It’s So Hard to Climb Jeff Bezos’s Corporate Ladder | Businessweek

But in my interviews with rank and file employees, one common complaint I heard is that positive feedback from superiors is rare and promotions even rarer. This, it turns out, is probably by design. Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos seems to believe his managers must raise the performance bar with every hire and promotion and that only exceptional talent should progress within the organization. As he has done in so many other ways, Bezos has codified his beliefs within his company in the form of a custom called the OLR, for organization and leadership review.

Jeff Bezos’s League of Shadows | Businessweek

Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon: Excerpt From ‘The Everything Store’ by Brad Stone

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Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon: Excerpt From ‘The Everything Store’ by Brad Stone | Businesslike rivals Wal-Mart as a store, Apple as a device maker, and IBM as a data services provider. It will rake in about $75 billion this year. For his book, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone spoke to hundreds of current and former friends of founder Jeff Bezos. In the process, he discovered the poignant story of how Amazon became the Everything Store.

Apple retail vs. Amazon retail

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How the hell does this happen?

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Live: Amazon Misses Estimates On Earnings, Revenue And Guidance | Business Insider

How the hell does this happen? | The Loop

Amazon misses its earnings, income fell, sales missed Wall Street consensus and… the stock price goes up 6 percent.

Apple sells a gazillion of everything, reports record revenue and profit, and its stock falls.

Amazon Misses Estimates on Earnings, Revenue, and Guidance | Daring Fireball

And the stock has jumped up 10 percent after hours. I need a drink.

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