The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain

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Colors of the iOS7 App Store

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Jailbreak for iOS 7 is out, but proceed with caution

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How iOS7 is forcing a redesign of Montessori education

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iPhone 5S users report ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ reboots

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Secrets of the iOS 7 keyboard

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Secrets of the iOS 7 keyboard | TechHive


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Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker

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Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker | Itty Bitty Labs

こうしてみると iOS 7 のバックグラウンドの見にくさは一目瞭然だ・・・

Sean Woodhouse:

The inset tap area causes real problems when the picker is placed inline within a UITableView. It’s the same old ‘scroll views within scroll views’ conundrum developers have been struggling with since the dawn of graphical user interfaces, but made worse because you can easily miss the tap area within the control’s bounds and end up inadvertently scrolling the whole UITableView.

iOS 7 の UI が分かりにくいワケ | maclalala2

Lifting the Lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker | John Gruber

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iOS 7 Accessibility Improvements for Switch Users

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Intersection: Updating to iOS 7 | YouTube

近々登場の彼の iOS 7 レビューを期待!


素晴らしいパワーを秘めた iOS 7 | maclalala2

iOS 7 Accessibility Improvements for Switch Users | John Gruber

Christopher Hills explains the news-to-me accessibility improvements in iOS 7 for users of switches (like this one, from Tecla).

Tecla | Komodo OpenLab

Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7

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Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7 | AllThingsD

New York Police actively encouraging people to update to iOS 7 for added security | 9to5Mac

NYPD touting iOS 7 upgrade for iPhone-owning New Yorkers at subway stations | AppleInsider

New York City’s Police Department is looking to cut back crime by informing iPhone-owning residents that they should update their devices to the latest version of iOS in order to obtain new security features designed to thwart potential thieves.

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Apple’s iOS 7 includes a surprise: a ticket to the next generation of the internet

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Britain Apple iPhones

Apple’s iOS 7 includes a surprise: a ticket to the next generation of the internet | Quartz

Christopher Mims:

For five years, researchers have toiled over an obscure bit of fundamental internet infrastructure that promises to make the connections to our mobile devices faster and more reliable than ever, and if you’ve already downloaded Apple’s iOS 7 to your iPhone or iPad, you could be using it already.

It’s called multi-path TCP, and here’s why it matters and how it works: At present, if your phone or tablet is connected to Wi-Fi and a cellular network at the same time, it can only use one or the other connection to transmit data. But what if your Wi-Fi connection or your 3G connection drops? Whatever data was being transmitted—data for an app, a webpage, an iMessage—will fail to arrive, and you have to try again, usually after getting a frustrating error message or a blank page. Just as importantly, if one of your connections to the internet slows down, or speeds up, your phone has no ability to use its other connections to its advantage, leading to a poorer and slower experience overall.

iOS 7 includes a ticket to the next generation of the internet | ParisLemon

MG Siegler:

Makes sense: the pipe shouldn’t matter, the connection should.

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