Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker

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Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker | Itty Bitty Labs

こうしてみると iOS 7 のバックグラウンドの見にくさは一目瞭然だ・・・

Sean Woodhouse:

The inset tap area causes real problems when the picker is placed inline within a UITableView. It’s the same old ‘scroll views within scroll views’ conundrum developers have been struggling with since the dawn of graphical user interfaces, but made worse because you can easily miss the tap area within the control’s bounds and end up inadvertently scrolling the whole UITableView.

iOS 7 の UI が分かりにくいワケ | maclalala2

Lifting the Lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker | John Gruber

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