Get to know iOS 7: Safari

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iOS 7 Safari: Everything you need to know! | YouTube

Get to know iOS 7: Safari | Macworld

iOS 7 review | iMore

Safari の部分 → iOS 7 Safari amps up search, tabs, sharing, reading, and more!

How to Use Safari in iOS 7 | LAPTOP Magazine

iOS 7:Safariのリーダー表示は、左上のボタンをクリック – MAC お宝鑑定団 blog(羅針盤) | エキサイトニュース

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Unhappy with iOS 7? Downgrade while you still can

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待望の iOS 7へのアップデート実施!

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待望の iOS 7へのアップデート実施! |  Apple/Macテクノロジー研究所

フラットデザインといった表面的なあれこれを含め、大いに話題になり期待されたiOS 7がついに解禁となった。

取り急ぎ愛用のiPhone 5をアップデートすべく考えたが、これまでの経験上急がずTwitterなどで他の方の印象やトラブルなどの情報を集めてからにしようと様子を見ていたものの、大きな問題はないようなのでまずは実行してみた。


そして落ち着いたら次に iPad のアップデートをやってみたい…。

The best hidden features in iOS 7 | The Verge

Be bold

Apple’s made text a lot prettier in iOS 7, but the visual enhancements come at the expense of legibility. If you, or anyone you know, is having difficulty reading text in iOS, head to the Accessibility menu in Settings and activate “Bold Text.”

Stop them watching

The option to disable this used to be hidden deep inside the About menu. Now, more logically, it can be found under Privacy.

いよいよiOS 7登場 | Sei Ken’s Website

そこで、iOS 7の発表に合わせて、日本語でVoiceOverを使うユーザにとってのメリット・デメリットについてまとめておきたいと思う。

iOS 7を快適に使うために、設定アプリでチェックしたておきたい項目 5つ | Appleちゃんねる

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12 New and Hidden Settings in iOS 7

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12 New and Hidden Settings in iOS 7 | The Mac Observer

New settings in iOS 7 | Jim Dalrymple

The major changes in iOS 7 have been written about for a few months, but Dave Hamilton focused his attention on some lesser known settings that could be helpful to you.

12 New Settings and Features in iOS 7 | John Gruber

Good list from Dave Hamilton at The Mac Observer.

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★ギークのおススメ iPhone レビュー

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ギークたちのレーダーにかかった iPhone 5C/5S、iOS 7 レビュー

John Gruber のおススメ: —

Anand Lal Shimpi [The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech]

Copiously detailed and researched. A genuine pleasure to read. So glad Apple provided AnandTech with iPhone review units. As I concluded, the 5S is a performance and graphics powerhouse:

David Pogue [Yes, There’s a New iPhone. But That’s Not the Big News. |[]

Jim Dalrymple [Review: iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s | The Loop]

The whole front page of The Loop is chockablock with great iOS 7 links. I won’t bother duplicating them, just go to The Loop and load them into tabs from there.

Rene Ritchie [iOS 7 review | iMore]

No idea how anyone is getting any work done today — so much great stuff to read, so many updated apps to try.

Jim Dalrymple のおススメ: —

John Gruber [The iPhone 5S and 5C | Daring Fireball]

Two things that I thought were particularly interesting in John’s review: the part about innovation and the section on 64-bit. Definitely worth a read.

Anand Lal Shimpi [The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech]

I don’t think there is anyone more qualified to do this type of high-end technical review.

Rene Ritchie [iOS 7 review | iMore]

Speak of busy, Rene Ritchie wrote almost 14,000 words on iOS 7.

MG Siegler のおススメ: —

A Few Great iPhone 5s Reads | ParisLemon

・Walt Mossberg: A New Touch for iPhone | AllThingsD

For the “normals”, it’s still Walt Mossberg.

・John Gruber [The iPhone 5S and 5C | Daring Fireball]

For a little bit of fun, good analysis, and venturing a bit into the weeds, it’s John “in your fucking pocket”

・Anand Lal Shimpi [The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech]

For hands-down the best technically detailed write up, it’s Anand Lal Shimpi.

Marco Arment のおススメ: —

Anand Lal Shimpi [The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech]

The only 5s review I need to read, packed with tons of analysis of the A7.

John Gruber [The iPhone 5S and 5C | Daring Fireball]

OK, add one more. Fantastic review by John Gruber.

And his argument in the first footnote for capitalizing “5S” and “5C” has convinced me to stick with that convention.

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iOS 7 Review

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Rene Ritchie:

iOS 7 review | iMore

David Pierce:

iOS 7 review: a new look or a new beginning? | The Verge

Darrell Etherington:

Apple iOS 7 Review: A Major Makeover That Delivers, But Takes Some Getting Used To | TechCrunch

Nick Heer:

iOS 7: The Pixel Envy Review | Pixel Envy

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iOS 7 proves once again that change is the way Apple does business

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iOS 7 proves once again that change is the way Apple does business | Macworld

iOS 7 isn’t complete yet, and we can hope that some of the eyesores will get refined (straight into a shallow grave). So, yes, let’s nitpick about icon design, and the apps that still have textures, and whatever else seems off. But Apple has set the overall direction. All that’s left for developers to do is to decide what business they want to be in.

Apple and Change | Daring Fireball

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iOS 7: ここ10年で最大の悪夢

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Multiplane | Manton Reece

80 years after Ub’s invention, the multiplane is alive in iOS 7. Previous versions of iOS were built on a single plane with raised and textured areas on that surface, like a topographical map except with buttons instead of mountains. iOS 7 is instead designed with multiple flat layers. Each level is strikingly flat, but by layering two or three, spaced apart, Apple has achieved an overall sense of depth.

iOS 7 とマルチプレーン・カメラ | maclalala2

Multiplane |

Multiplane | Daring Fireball

The MultiPlane Camera | YouTube

スクロールに応じて要素がアニメーションする、視差効果(パララックス)を取り入れたWebデザイン例とTipsいろいろ | かちびと.net

Don’t worry about iOS 7

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Don’t worry about iOS 7 | The Loop

It’s not done.

Don’t Worry About iOS 7 | Daring Fireball

iOS 7 のことは心配しなくていい | maclalala2