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The Future of UI and the Dream of the ‘90s

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Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker

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Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker | Itty Bitty Labs

こうしてみると iOS 7 のバックグラウンドの見にくさは一目瞭然だ・・・

Sean Woodhouse:

The inset tap area causes real problems when the picker is placed inline within a UITableView. It’s the same old ‘scroll views within scroll views’ conundrum developers have been struggling with since the dawn of graphical user interfaces, but made worse because you can easily miss the tap area within the control’s bounds and end up inadvertently scrolling the whole UITableView.

iOS 7 の UI が分かりにくいワケ | maclalala2

Lifting the Lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker | John Gruber

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Multiplane | Manton Reece

80 years after Ub’s invention, the multiplane is alive in iOS 7. Previous versions of iOS were built on a single plane with raised and textured areas on that surface, like a topographical map except with buttons instead of mountains. iOS 7 is instead designed with multiple flat layers. Each level is strikingly flat, but by layering two or three, spaced apart, Apple has achieved an overall sense of depth.

iOS 7 とマルチプレーン・カメラ | maclalala2

Multiplane |

Multiplane | Daring Fireball

The MultiPlane Camera | YouTube

スクロールに応じて要素がアニメーションする、視差効果(パララックス)を取り入れたWebデザイン例とTipsいろいろ | かちびと.net

The Apple iWatch

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新しい Twitter

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iOS ベースの Apple TV なんてうまくいくわけないよ

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iOS on an Apple TV? A VERY Bad Idea | AppleMatters

Now, slam iOS on an Apple TV. How do you use any of the apps? How do you fire up, say, the Weather app? In iOS you touch it. Chances are your TV doesn’t have a touch sensitive screen. So you can’t launch the app by touching it. The obvious solution is to add a cursor to the Apple TV remote right? Well, maybe not. When you touch something in iOS it launches, just a pointer won’t do that because if it did you’d launch every app you accidentally hovered over. Well, you could add a button, just one, so that the app wouldn’t launch until you actually clicked the button. Congrats you’ve just invented the mouse.

It actually is a bit more problematic than all that. Designing for touch instead of mouse click goes a lot deeper than replacing your finger with a cursor. Let’s use Flight Control (a popular game for iOS) as an example. The idea behind Flight Control is that you direct various aircraft to land at specific spots using your finger. It works great on an iOS device where you can use your fingers, but it would be horrible trying to direct the planes with a mouse from across the room. You may argue that the Wii does exactly that and you’ll be correct, but the telling difference is that the Wii games were designed with the Wii-mote in mind. In short, expecting Apple to come up with some kludge to make a remote act like your finger on your non-touch screen TV is too much to ask.

At the event expect to see an updated iPod touch but don’t count on much with the Apple TV. If an iOS Apple TV does show up, sell your Apple shares because despite iOS, Apple will have lost its touch.

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