Marco Arment のポッドキャストアプリ Overcast

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Overcast |


Review: Overcast is a winning podcast app | Macworld

Overcast 1.0 | Daring Fireball

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Marco Arment のポッドキャストアプリ Overcast はコメントを受け付けていません

デベロッパからみた WWDC 2014

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Debug 38: WWDC 2014 developer roundtable | iMore


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John Gruber のポッドキャスト — WWDC 会場からライブ

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Marco Arment と John Siracusa の WWDC 印象

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68: Siracusa Waited Impatiently For This | Accidental Tech Podcast

Swift の感想がオモシロい・・・

WWDC 2014 を振り返る

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WWDC ’14 Roundup | Macworld

Apple fanboys

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Accidental Tech Podcast: Marco Bought Four

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Accidental Tech Podcast: Marco Bought Four |

Google paranoia についての白熱した議論がオモシロい・・・

This week: Implications of Google buying Nest, balancing skepticism with pragmatism, modern expectations of privacy, and Casey’s vast emoji archive.

48: Marco Bought Four | Accidental Tech Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast: A Compromised Machine

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46: A Compromised Machine | Accidental Tech Podcast

– Mac Pro follow-up: socketed CPUs and potential upgrades, and the benefits of only using stock Apple parts.
– Scoring Apple’s performance on John’s 2013 to-do list.
– AnandTech’s Mac Pro review.

Accidental Tech Podcast: A Compromised Machine |

One For The Pedants – The Talk Show

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One For The Pedants – The Talk Show | Mule Radio Syndicate


The Talk Show について:”Your show is unapologetically long!” – Marco Arment [1h54m]

ATP について:”I’m an arrogant asshole, who’s the hell Casey, John Siracusa is amazing!” – Marco Arment [1h58m]

Special guest Marco Arment joins John Gruber. Topics include speculation regarding what Apple will and won’t announce at next week’s special event in San Francisco — iPads, Mac Pros, MacBook Pros, iPods, Apple TV — jailbreaking as a reason for holding on to iOS 6, and Microsoft’s coolness (or rather, lack thereof).

Green iPhone 5C Hidden In A Beard – The Talk Show

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Green iPhone 5C Hidden In A Beard – The Talk Show | Mule Radio Syndicate

Special guest Jim Dalrymple joins John Gruber to talk about the new iPhones 5S and 5C on the cusp of their release, as well as iOS 7.

・アップルキャンパス → 一般との隔離が進む?
・64-bit より ARMv8 が重要
・Anand Lal Shimpi の詳細さには敵わない
・naming convention の問題(来年はどうなる?)
  5C → 5CS
  5S → 6
・A7 はサムスン製? → iFixit を待つ
・指紋センサーは iPad にも採用されるか?
・ Jim Dalrymple はどうしてそんなにパーフェクトなのか

‘Green iPhone 5C Hidden in a Beard’ | Daring Fireball