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Debug 11: Don Melton and Safari

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Debug 11: Don Melton and Safari |


Don Melton, former Engineering Director of Internet Technologies at Apple, talks to Guy and Rene about assembler on the Apple II, open-sourcing Mozilla, building Nautilus, creating WebKit and the Safari browser, teaching bears to dance, and cleaning cusses from code bases.

I’m on the “Debug” podcast this week |

Don Melton on Debug | Daring Fireball

Best podcast episode I’ve heard in a while is this interview with Don Melton by Guy English and Rene Ritchie. Some great insight into the history of Safari and WebKit, and a lot of other Apple history too. (E.g., Melton reveals that Scott Forstall was the champion of the Carbon strategy, and sold the idea up the chain to Bertrand Serlet, Avie Tevanian, and Steve Jobs. I did not know that.)

Tony Fadell: From iPod father to thermostat start-up

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Tony Fadell: From iPod father to thermostat start-up | BBC News

“Scott got what he deserved,” Mr Fadell told the BBC.

When pressed, he adds: “I think what happened just a few weeks back was deserved and justified and it happened.”

Former iPod chief calls Forstall’s departure ‘justified’ | The Loop

Scott Got What He Deserved‘ | Daring Fireball

Forstall vs. Fadell | Daring Fireball

Worth keeping in mind regarding Tony Fadell’s “got what he deserved” comments regarding Scott Forstall’s ouster from Apple is that these two guys were directly vying with each other to define the iPhone. From a 2008 piece here at DF:

So it’s not like Fadell is an unbiased observer here. And as for his comment that Forstall’s ouster resulted in cheering from employees in Cupertino, I’m sure that’s true, but it’s important to keep in mind that the cheering was not universal. At least within Forstall’s iOS division, many engineers and designers liked working under Forstall, and felt that he had their backs. He was divisive — polarizing — not universally disliked.

Innovation is a Fight

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Innovation is a Fight | Rands In Repose

Apple is eventually doomed. Yes, the most valuable company on the planet will slowly fade into stagnant mediocrity. It will be replaced by something that they will not predict and they will not see coming. This horrifically efficient culling is a fact of life in technology because it is an industry populated by a demographic intent not on building a better mousetrap, but who avidly ask, “Why the hell do we need mousetraps?”

While I’d continued to hear about the disdain amongst the executive ranks about Forstall after I left Apple, I was still shocked about his departure, because while he was in no way Steve Jobs, he was the best approximation of Steve Jobs that Apple had left. You came to expect a certain amount of disruption around him because that’s how business was done at Apple – it was well-managed internal warfare. Innovation is not born out out of a committee; innovation is a fight. It’s messy, people die, but when the battle is over, something unimaginably significant has been achieved.

Innovation Is a Fight | Daring Fireball

The best and most nuanced take on Scott Forstall’s ouster, unsurprisingly from Michael Lopp:

“I wonder if that is how it begins”… | parislemon

That’s why Lopp’s last point is so important: while the ouster of Scott Forstall makes a ton of sense from an org perspective as it seem to make Apple more stable, maybe that’s not the best thing in the world for Apple going forward. If they’re going to defeat these unknown assailants with unknown products in the future, maybe Apple (and really, any company) needs some level of instability to keep the creative juices flowing. At the very least, it makes it hard for anyone to know what and how to attack.

イノベーションは闘いだ | maclalala2

iOS 7 や OS X は遅れることになる?

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Anonymous asked: Does Forstall leaving … | parislemon

Anonymous asked: Does Forstall leaving and Ive taking over HI mean a later than usual release of iOS 7? If not, then what about OS X next year since Federighi is now in charge of both?

MG: It’s an interesting question. I think it’s safe to assume that iOS 7 was already well into development when the Forstall news was announced. Maybe Federighi tweaks some things as a result of taking over, or maybe that waits until iOS 8. I’m still betting we hear something around WWDC 2013.

OS X is unclear. Last year, Apple legitimately surprised with Mountain Lion. Do they do it again this year with 10.9? Are they working on OS XI?

iOS 7 や OS X は遅れることになる? はコメントを受け付けていません。


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Behind Silicon Valley’s Un-Retirement of Apple’s Bob Mansfield – John Paczkowski | AllThingsD

As one source close to the company told AllThingsD, “The timing of Bob’s return is not coincidental.”

To begin with, Mansfield was not a fan of Forstall’s confrontational management style, and sources said he generally tried to avoid the iOS exec. Indeed, Bloomberg reported last year that Mansfield would meet with Forstall only if Cook were present to mediate. I’ve heard many similar stories.

“It wasn’t a him-or-me situation,” one source said of Mansfield’s return and Forstall’s departure. “But, put it this way, I think Bob was much more willing to commit to two more years once he knew Scott was on his way out.”

Behind the Un-Retirement of Bob Mansfield | Daring Fireball

I think the speculation regarding skeuomorphism as a factor in Forstall’s ouster has gotten out of hand. That’s not what this was about. This is about Forstall’s relationship with the other senior executives at the company. Personalities and politics, not rich Corinthian leather.

Skeuomorphism? はコメントを受け付けていません。

Scott Forstall 解任に対するさまざまな反応

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アップル社内の反応: —

From inside Apple, the Scott Forstall fallout | GigaOM

Forstall’s firing was met with a sense of quiet jubilation, especially among people who worked in the engineering groups. Or as one of my sources quipped: there are a lot of people going for celebratory drinks, even if there is a little bit of doubt about their roles in the future.

フォーストール解任で社内はお祝いムードとか:From inside Apple, the Scott Forstall fallout @om | Long Tail World

Om Malik on the Mood at Apple | Daring Fireball

I’ve heard some of this too. But there were many people on Forstall’s team who liked him and were loyal to him. It was people on other teams that disliked Forstall. Forstall was divisive, polarizing — not universally disliked. That’s what made this move surprising, and what made it difficult.

     *     *     *

新体制か: —

Regime Change | Apple Outsider

If this was only about Forstall being a problem, though, Apple would replace him. They clearly aren’t: the same press release explicitly states a search is underway to replace Browett. Not only is this a profound increase in responsibility for all three of these top executives, it’s a profound change in Apple’s organization going as far back as I can remember. There’s a long-standing pattern of separating watershed products important to the company’s future. The Mac and Apple teams. Mac OS X and Classic. The iPod division. iOS and Mac OS X. Suddenly, Tim Cook has pulled the reins in. Federighi owns software. Ive owns design. Cue owns services. Period.

Apple Shake-Up Signals Tim Cook Era |

アップルのお家騒動が生んだ「史上最大の組織変更」 | ZDNet Japan

iOS責任者フォーストルの退社は「ジョブズ後」への第一歩か | ZDNet Japan

Scott Forstall 解任に対するさまざまな反応 はコメントを受け付けていません。

Forstall Out; Ive Up

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Forstall Out; Ive Up | Daring Fireball

Thinking about it some more, though, and considering what I know about Forstall’s reputation within the company, I think that headline, euphemistic though it is, tells the plain truth: Forstall was an obstacle to collaboration within the company. Now he’s gone, and his responsibilities are being divided between four men who foster collaboration: Ive, Mansfield, Cue, and Federighi.

But the big news today is about Jony Ive. I don’t think it can be overstated just how big a deal it is that he now oversees all product design, hardware and software. For the last year, outside observers have been left to wonder just where the buck stopped for UI design at post-Jobs Apple. That question has now been answered: Jony Ive.

Apple, Attention & Competition | Om Malik

As for the move itself – I said it on Twitter: if you do your job and do it well, Cook is okay making you rich. If you mess up, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Browett was a disaster and wrong guy for the job. Forstall forgot he was Steve’s guy, not Steve Jobs.

Senior VP of iOS Scott Forstall is out at Apple: why, and what it means. | gdgt

Inside Apple’s major shakeup | Fortune Tech

I also heard that Forstall refused to sign the letter apologizing for the mapping fiasco, sealing his fate at Apple. (He has worked for two companies in his career, both founded by Steve Jobs: Next and Apple. He’s also a big San Francisco Giants fan. Win some, lose some.) Seeing as Forstall oversaw and publicly demoed Siri and maps, we know at least that the Apple culture is intact: Forstall was the directly responsible individual, or DRI, on Siri and maps. Now he is gone. He will remain an advisor to Cook until “next year,” Apple said in a post-market news release. This is a formality intended to keep Forstall from ringing up Samsung.

Apple’s Scott Forstall to leave company in 2013. Browett out as Cue, Ive, Fedherighi take on new roles | The Next Web

さらばミニ・スティーブ…iOSのフォーストール辞任へ:Scott Forstall to leave Apple | Long Tail World

辞めさせられたミニ・スティーブ | maclalala2

魔法使いの弟子 Scott Forstall | maclalala:link

Forstall Out; Ive Up はコメントを受け付けていません。


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Take A Closer Look At The Icon For Apple’s Terrible Maps App | Business Insider


Apple Drops the “Most Powerful Mapping Service Ever” Claim | Digital Inspiration


Apple Apologizes for Misstep on Maps |


Including Maps on the original iPhone was a last-minute decision | 9to5Mac

オリジナル iPhone に地図を搭載するのは土壇場での決断だった

Does Apple have a Scott Forstall problem? | Fortune Tech

Scott Forstall がアップルの問題児か?

地図でコケるミニ・スティーブなのかな:Scott Forstall, Apple’s ‘mini Steve’ | Long Tail World

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魔法使いの弟子 Scott Forstall

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Scott Forstall, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice at Apple | Businessweek
《Forstall をミニ Steve として描く》

In many ways, Forstall is a mini-Steve. He’s a hard-driving manager who obsesses over every detail. He has Jobs’s knack for translating technical, feature-set jargon into plain English. He’s known to have a taste for the Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, in silver, the same car Jobs drove, and even has a signature on-stage costume: black shoes, jeans, and a black zippered sweater. (He favors Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirts for normal days at the office.)

Scott Forstall described as mini-Steve | The Loop

Tony Fadell Statement Appended to Businessweek’s Scott Forstall Profile | Daring Fireball

This statement from Tony Fadell was appended to Businessweek’s Scott Forstall profile late in the day:

“I inherited the competitive iPhone OS project from Jon Rubenstein and Steve Sakoman when they left Apple. I quickly shuttered the project after assessing that a modified Mac OS was the right platform to build the iPhone upon. It was clear that to create the best smartphone product possible, we needed to leverage the decades of technology, tools and resources invested in Mac OS while avoiding the unnecessary competition of dueling projects.”

That pretty much directly contradicts the story laid out by (anonymous) sources in the original story. Fadell has long been gone from Apple — no reason for him to speak up now other than that he wanted to.

地図でコケるミニ・スティーブなのかな:Scott Forstall, Apple’s ‘mini Steve’ | Long Tail World

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