YouTube Reportedly Developing a Version for Kids

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YouTube Reportedly Developing a Version for Kids | TNW

YouTube Sets Sights on Kids | The Information

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YouTube は未来のテレビにはなれない

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Why YouTube isn’t the future of TV | I, Cringely

YouTube is the casino, not the gambler in this model.

But as a casino, YouTube would really like to attract gamblers willing to place larger bets. As far as I can tell, though, such gamblers aren’t coming.

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iRig MIDI and SampleTank

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YouTube の視聴者は1日30億人

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Thanks, YouTube community, for two BIG gifts on our sixth birthday! | Official Google Blog

YouTube Is Six Years Old and Huge: Three Billion Views a Day | AllThingsD

YouTube users are now watching more than 3 billion videos a day. That’s up 50 percent from the last year, which is also a huge leap, though the growth rate has declined a bit: Last year, views doubled from a billion a day to two billion in six months.

Skateboarding Dog | YouTube

And here’s Tillman the dog, a 2007 video that showed up in Apple’s early iPhone commercials, and ended up becoming shorthand for the site’s user generated content.

ほんとに買っちゃった YouTube | maclalalaweblog

毎日一億のアクセス:YouTube | maclalalaweblog

Back to the Mac の予告編:The Art of Marr’s Blog 制作

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Back to the Mac Trailer (Event Roundup) – YouTube]

marr0528 氏の大傑作! アップルファンなら必見だ・・・

iMovie’11でBack to the Macの予告編を作ってみた。 | The Art of Marr’s Blog

〈新しい iMovie だとこんなことが出来るんだ! なんかスゴい可能性を秘めているような気がする・・・〉


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iPad の「すばらしい」コマーシャル

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Newsday’s Ad For Its iPad App Is Brilliant | Silicon Alley Insider


Fly on the wall says Apple made Newsday kill funny iPad ap ad |

〈YouTube から削除された顛末〉

newsday ipad | YouTube


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SlashGear: “Apple: ‘We constantly refresh the content on’” by Vincent Nguyen: 01 August 2010

“We constantly refresh the content on If you’d like access to the videos, you can find them archived on” Natalie Harrison, Apple spokesperson

YouTube のアップルチャンネルはこちら →

SlashGear: “Apple yanks ‘antennagate’ testing reports” by Chris Davies: 01 August 2010

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