WSJ Interview With Tim Cook

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Daisuke Wakabayashi 記者の記事2本・・・

Apple’s Tim Cook Discusses Emerging Markets and Plans for Cash | WSJ

「日本は重要市場」―アップルCEO単独インタビュー |

WSJ Interview With Tim Cook | Daring Fireball

Apple Repurchases $14 Billion of Own Shares in 2 Weeks |

Apple Repurchases $14 Billion of Own Shares in 2 Weeks | Daring Fireball

“That’s like adding three Fortune 500 companies in a year.” | ParisLemon

Apple iPhones to come out with bigger screens

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Apple iPhones to come out with bigger screens | The Wall Street Journal

On the WSJ’s ‘iPhones to Come Out With Bigger Screens’ Story | Daring Fireball

And as, always, I ask: what are the pixel dimensions of these bigger screens?

果たして「大型スクリーンの iPhone を2モデル投入」はありか? | maclalala2

WSJ: Apple e-book judge is ‘a disgrace to the judiciary’

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The only hope for Apple

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For Apple Suppliers, Galaxy S 4 Isn’t Good News | WSJ

“The only hope for Apple and its suppliers is the possible launch of a low-cost iPhone later this year, which may help the U.S. company to gain market share in fast-growing emerging markets such as China,” said Capital Securities analyst Diana Wu.

Help Us, Obi-Wan | Daring Fireball

More stupid bullshit from the Wall Street Journal | The Loop

Another day, more useless bullshit from WSJ

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Guessing the Wall Street Journal Agenda for Apple | The Hiltmon

I’m not a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, but I have noted the past few months that the WSJ seems to issue regular negative news, no, opinions, no, rumors, no, rubbish on Apple.

A look at WSJ headlines and the anti-Apple agenda | The Loop

Another day, more useless bullshit from WSJ | The Loop

The Wall Street Journal isn’t even hiding its disdain for Apple anymore.

Another Day, Another Downbeat Note on Apple | WSJ

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In Rare Move, Apple Goes on the Defensive Against Samsung

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In Rare Move, Apple Goes on the Defensive Against Samsung |

Apple Inc. is on the defensive.

In a rare interview a day before Samsung Electronics Co. announces a new flagship smartphone in New York, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller on Wednesday played down the expected competition from the device and discussed how believes such products — which run Google Inc.’s Android software — are inferior to Apple’s iPhone.

He shared data on the iPhone’s popularity and said Apple’s own research shows that four times as many iPhone users switched from Android than to Android during the fourth quarter, according to company research.

アップル、珍しく守勢に―サムスンの新製品発表を控え |

Phil Schiller Interview With WSJ | Daring Fireball

Apple Goes on the Defensive Against Samsung | ParisLemon

Phil Schiller speaks about iOS and Android | The Loop

Quartz hires Gina Chon, former WSJ reporter

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Quartz hires Gina Chon, former WSJ reporter | Talking Biz News

Regarding That Quartz Report Yesterday | Daring Fireball

Yesterday I linked to a story by Gina Chon at Quartz, reporting that Apple is planning on a stock buyback and/or paying more dividends, and remarked that I was surprised to see the story break in Quartz rather than the WSJ or Businessweek. Ends up Quartz recently hired Chon away from the WSJ.

Apple’s plan for its cash: stock buyback or more dividends likely coming this spring | Quartz

Apple’s zeroing in on a dividend or buyback was in the works before Einhorn made his complaints public in February, although some of the sources say Apple increased the size of its plan after Einhorn’s comments. And although Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly called Einhorn’s lawsuit a “silly sideshow,” the company found his idea of preferred shares “interesting,” sources said. If it decides against a share buyback, Apple could either raise its existing dividend, which the company started paying this year, or issue a special dividend.

Quartz: Apple Stock Buyback or More Dividends Likely Coming This Spring | Daring Fireball

Interesting story for Quartz to get the scoop on — I’d have expected this to leak to the WSJ or Businessweek first.

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Twitter Got Hacked. Expect More Companies to Follow.

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Twitter Got Hacked. Expect More Companies to Follow. | AllThingsD

“Who’s next?” you may be thinking. But the question to ask isn’t “Who’s next?” The question is, “Who will admit it next?”

Or even scarier: Perhaps these companies aren’t aware they’ve been hacked in the first place.

“I truly believe we’re going to see quite a bit more of these annoucements as companies start to get smarter and look more closely at their systems,” Soltani said. “It’s not a matter of whether or not you’ve been compromised. It’s whether you have the expertise to tell.”

Even the New York Times wasn’t aware of hacks that had occurred on its network for months on end; the company’s security software, provided by Symantec, failed to identify all but one of the 45 separate pieces of custom malicious software over a period of three months.

Anonymous posts over 4000 U.S. bank executive credentials | ZDNet

ツイッターの攻撃も中国なの?:NYT, WSJ, Post and Twitter? US Media under Attack from Chinese Hackers | Long Tail World

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原子力安全・保安院の西山審議官に WSJ がインタビュー

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【インタビュー】原子力安全委との二重チェック体制は機能=保安院の西山審議官 | WSJ 日本版






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