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Can Arrington recreate TechCrunch? Because that’s exactly what he’s planning on doing… [Updated] | The Next Web

I don’t think we’d be exaggerating the truth by saying Arrington very much intends on continuing exactly what he’s been doing at TechCrunch over at Uncrunched. Is it possible, or rather how fascinating would it be, if Arrington did manage to pull off the almost impossible and launch a competing blog to the one he started and steal the team that he helped build the blog with from the company that acquired it?

What Exactly Am I Doing Here At Uncrunched? | UNCRUNCHED

Michael Arrington: Uncrunched | The Loop


TechCrunch創設者マイケル・アーリントンが新ブログ開設:@Arrington launched @UNCRUNCHED | Long Tail World

TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington Launches A New Blog, Uncrunched | TechCrunch

本誌TechCrunchのファウンダMichael Arringtonが自分のブログUncrunchedを立ち上げ | TechCrunch Japan

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-TechCrunch Star Paul Carr Is Starting A New Company Backed By… Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund! | Business Insider

What’s Next? | Bringing Something To The Party

TechCrunchゲリラ辞任のポール・カー、CNNで語る:@paulcarr on his resignation from @techcrunch on @cnn | Long Tail World

How Big Was Arrington’s Stake In TechCrunch When He Sold It To AOL? | Business Insider


TechCrunch Disrupt、Disrupt、混乱

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TechCrunch を辞め(させられ)たマイク・アーリントン

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“Deciding” To Move On | TechCrunch

AOL、TechCrunch新編集長にEric Schonfeldを指名 | TechCrunch Japan

Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch has decided to move on from TechCrunch and AOL to his newly formed venture fund.

ファウンダーのMichael ArringtonはTechCrunchとAOLから離れ、新たに創立されたベンチャーファンドの経営に当たることを決めた。[滑川海彦 訳]

Arrington ‘decided’ to leave TechCrunch | The Loop

“You can’t fire me! I quit!”

Tech Writers In Denial: The Michael Arrington Case Study | Loic Le Meur Blog

Sequoia’s Doug Leone to Mike Arrington: Why You Want to Be a VC is Beyond Me | peHUB

It’s Official: Arrington Out at AOL; Schonfeld New TechCrunch Editor | AllThingsD

ARRINGTON: “It’s No Longer A Good Situation For Me To Stay” | Silicon Alley Insider

It’s no longer a good situation for me to stay at TechCrunch. Effective in a couple of days, I won’t be an employee of TechCrunch or AOL.

Michael Arrington, TechCrunch: How the site changed startup culture. | Slate Magazine

The Blogosphere’s Soft Corruption | Monday Note

TechCrunch の乱

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AOL へ挑戦状を突きつけたマイク・アーリントン

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Editorial Independence | TechCrunch

編集権の独立 | TechCrunch Japan

We’ve proposed two options to Aol.

1. Reaffirmation of the editorial independence promised at the time of acquisition. Given the current circumstances, that means autonomy from Huffington Post, unfettered editorial independence and a blanket right to editorial self determination. To put it simply, TechCrunch would stay with Aol but would be independent of the Huffington Post.


2. Sell TechCrunch back to the original shareholders.

If Aol cannot accept either of these options, and no other creative solution can be found, I cannot be a part of TechCrunch going forward.


1. 買収の際に行われた編集権の独立を再確認する。さらに現在の状況に鑑み、Huffington Postを含めて、一切の外部からの干渉を受けることなくTechCrunchは編集権を行使できるものであると認める。簡単にいえば、TechCrunchはAOL内部に留まるが、Huffington Postからは独立した存在とする。


2. TechCrunchを元の株主に売り戻す。

AOLがどちらの提案も受け入れられないのであれば、そして双方にとって受け入れられるような良い提案がこれら以外に見つからない のであれば、私はTechCrunchから離れる他ない。[滑川海彦 訳]

Shorter Mike Arrington: ‘I Sold My Company (to a Bunch of Idiots) and Expected to Still Maintain Control Over It.’ | Daring Fireball

Editorial Independence | Mediagazer

Editorial Independence | Techmeme

The CrunchFund: Actually, Tim, We Don’t All Have “Different” Standards | TechCrunch

CrunchFundとArringtonの編集長離任に関して―われわれの倫理基準に裏表はない | TechCrunch Japan

YOUR MOVE, AOL: The World Awaits AOL’s Response To Mike Arrington’s Classic Ultimatum | Silicon Alley Insider

Michael Arrington Trying to Buy Back TechCrunch From AOL | AllThingsD

The biggest CrunchFund loser is… | Fortune

It’s Not A Mirror, It’s A Crystal Ball | ParisLemon

Information is all that matters. All the rest is bullshit.

TechCrunch As We Know It May Be Over | TechCrunch

TechCrunchが根本的に(悪い方向へ)変わるかもしれない | TechCrunch Japan

Michael Arrington’s Audacious Venture |

Arrington is the future of what we used to call journalism | Scripting News

Crunch theater: blogger’s VC fund creates media spectacle | Reuters

CrunchFund? No Matter What You Call It, It’s Business as Usual in SV. | AllThingsD

Arrington On Whether He Works For TechCrunch Or AOL: “I Have No Idea” | Silicon Alley Insider

AOL SPOKESMAN: Mike Arrington Is No Longer Employed By This Company* | Silicon Alley Insider

CrunchFund confusion | Fortune

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: Mike Arrington Is Out At TechCrunch | Silicon Alley Insider

Arrington, AOL Launch $20M CrunchFund to Fund Firms TechCrunch Covers |

AOL Is Replacing Michael Arrington At TechCrunch | Silicon Alley Insider

Michael Arrington, TechCrunch Blogger, to Invest in Start-Ups |

Michael Arrington launching venture fund | Fortune

Michael Arrington reportedly to launch CrunchFund to invest in startups | TNW Insider


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[Michael Arrington]

The Way I Work: Michael Arrington of TechCrunch |

〈人気ナンバーワンブログの創業者が赤裸々に語る TechCrunch の内幕・・・必読!〉


I usually spend about half my day talking to sources, either on the phone or on IM. There are very few people in Silicon Valley—or in tech, in general—whom I don’t know pretty well. Chasing down stories is my favorite part of my job. My style is to bust the door down and clean the mess up later. That works pretty well for me. I’ve known a lot of my sources for five years now. When I call them, there’s no salutation—it’s just right to the point. I expect them to tell me what I want to know very quickly.


So suddenly, I have all these enemies. In 2008, somebody spit on me at a conference in Germany. Before that, I had a death-threat incident—I had to hire private security 24/7 to protect me and my parents. We closed our office, and one of our employees got detained by police when he stopped by to check on things. Obviously, we sorted that out, but the whole experience freaked me out. I took off. I went to Hawaii for a month and didn’t bring my computer. Page views went up; everything was fine. That helped me realize that I am not nearly as important as I thought I was—and that the team I hired is really good. I’ve really let go since then. Now I really rely on them, and it’s really good.


I have never been very good at managing. I want to be writing, and it’s hard to be a coach and a player at the same time. Plus, I’m moody. That’s why I hired Heather Harde as CEO. She is steady. Erick Schonfeld, who is co-editor of TechCrunch, manages the editorial team. I talk with each of them maybe three times a week. We have never had an executive meeting. Instead, we use this program called Yammer to make sure everyone at TechCrunch is on the same page. It’s like a streaming bulletin board—anyone can post, and everyone will see it. If I think a writer or editor did a great job, I’ll give them a public high-five. Or if someone screwed up the formatting, I may point it out so others can learn from those mistakes.

マイケル・アーリントンの仕事術:The Way I Work: Michael Arrington of TechCrunch – Inc. | Long Tail World

〈マイクを知る satomi 氏の達意の翻訳を読めば、TechCrunch を作り上げた人物の全貌が見えてくる〉