Premium vs Freemium vs Subscription

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The Magazine

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What The Magazine is, isn’t, and hopes to be. | The Magazine

Web 出版の新しい形か・・・

Instead of the traditional labor-intensive magazine layout and expensive multimedia production, The Magazine’s article format is similar to Instapaper’s: one clean, adjustable, reader-friendly template with HTML, occasional images, and some small conveniences. It loads quickly, integrates well with sharing and system conventions (including text selection and VoiceOver), occupies minimal storage space, and shows the utmost respect for your time and attention.

The Magazine is leaving behind a lot of what magazines “need”. And many magazines really do need them. But I don’t think this does.

All of this is a bit crazy, and it’s not guaranteed to succeed. But I bet it will.

The Magazine | Daring Fireball

The first issue is an excellent start. Says a lot about the state of the magazine industry that things like loading quickly and allowing you to select text make the app stand out from the crowd. I predict a bunch of you are about to find Newsstand useful for the first time.

Marco Arment Launches “The Magazine” | parislemon

In my opinion, magazine publishers have wasted a golden opportunity put in front of them with the iPad. Nearly all of them have given us bloated ports of their print variety. They should have re-thought their products from the ground-up — use the same content, fine, but present it in the elegant and streamlined manner that the iPad allows for. Total fail.

The Magazine: A New Publication from Instapaper Creator Marco Arment | The Next Web

iTunes の雑誌購読が遅れているホントの理由

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Apple, Publishers Still Miles Apart on iTunes Magazine Subscriptions | AllThingsD


That offer has been on the table for a “couple months,” I’m told, and so far none of the big publishers have gone for it. They don’t like the 30 percent cut that Apple wants to take, but their real hang-up is lack of access to credit card data: It’s valuable to them for marketing, and without it they can’t offer print/digital bundles, either.