Facebook ‘dead and buried to teens’, research finds

Beheading films on Facebook

Facebook ‘dead and buried to teens’, research finds | The Guardian

Comprehensive European research has found that teens are leaving the service in droves – and the biggest deterrent is their parents

What will we learn from the fall of Facebook? | UCL Social Networking Sites & Social Science Research Project

Is this really all there is … | Twitter / BenedictEvans

Is this really all there is behind that ‘FB dead w/ UK teens’ story – a few assertions from a study in one UK town?

★Do We Want an Erasable Internet?

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Do We Want an Erasable Internet? | WSJ

That question is exactly why Snapchat is so important, because before Snapchat, the Erasable Internet wasn’t an option. The Forever Internet seemed the only way. Now, with users, investors, and engineers rushing to ephemeral-data apps created in Snapchat’s image, forever-ness isn’t assumed.

The Multitudes of Social

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The Multitudes of Social | stratēchery by Ben Thompson


Facebook’s inability to invent

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Snapchat rises: Why Poke’s decline shows Facebook’s inability to invent | GigaOM

Facebook’s Poke app, a copy of red-hot Snapchat rose almost to the top of the iTunes appstore on launch. A few days later it has tanked, making me wonder: can Facebook really invent any new Internet behavior or is it destined to be a copycat forever?

Facebook’s inability to invent | The Loop

It seems to me that Zuck did great creating the concept of Facebook, but that’s where things stopped. The ability to invent or create beyond that initial concept has escaped everyone at Facebook.

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