Does Apple really assign engineers to “fake” projects as a loyalty test?

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Does Apple really assign engineers to “fake” projects as a loyalty test? | Ars Technica

But is it true? I was prompted to look into the question after several friends—Apple employees, no less—expressed disbelief at the claim. Their skepticism matched my own experience; in my years of reporting on Apple and speaking to many of its employees, I had never heard of such a practice. When I sought answers by interviewing current and former Apple engineers, I found that “fake” projects are certainly not a regular occurrence at Apple—and they quite probably do not exist at all.

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Keeping Safari a secret

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Keeping Safari a secret | Don Melton

I wasn’t worried about talk either. Forstall certainly trusted me — that’s one of the many things that made him a great boss. And I trusted my team — otherwise I wouldn’t have hired them. None of us nor any of the internal beta testers at Apple were going to snitch. There were too damn few beta testers, but they were above reproach.

Twitter and Facebook didn’t exist then. Nobody at Apple was stupid enough to blog about work, so what was I worried about?

Server logs. They scared the hell out of me.

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Apple’s secret garden

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Apple’s secret garden: the struggle over leaks and security | Ars Technica

Employees tell us that leaks aren’t coming from inside the house.

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