Marissa Mayer’s Secret Plan to Get Apple to Dump Google and Default to Yahoo Mobile Search

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Sweeping Away a Search History

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Fortune 130

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Fortune 130 | asymco

On a yearly basis iTunes/Software/Services is nearly half of Google’s core business and growing slightly faster.

iTunes Store の売上げはグーグルの約半分 | maclalala2

How to search a webpage for a specific word in mobile Safari

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Google Instant:タイプより早く検索

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Introducing Google Instant – YouTube]

Search: now faster than the speed of type | Official Google Blog

グーグル、「Google Instant」検索をローンチ | CNET Japan

Will SEO still exist in five years? – YouTube]

Thoughts on Google Instant |

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Ali Partovi

Bubble Blinders: The Untold Story of the Search Business Model | TechCrunch

The lessons from the bubble era are still relevant today: an existence built on “easy money” or “easy traffic” can be dangerous to big companies and startups alike.

Just as the dot-com bubble created a perilous environment for many companies in the late 90s, similar perils have emerged over the past few years around the Facebook app platform and its allure of easy traffic and easy money. We experienced this first-hand at my last startup, iLike. The “easy traffic” we enjoyed in the first few weeks after the Facebook platform launched led us to be overly optimistic about our future, and left us with a difficult dilemma between trying to sustain our Facebook-generated traffic vs. building lasting value elsewhere.


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Google Realtime Search Gets Home Page, Conversation View, Alerts & Geosearch | search engine land


[…] You’ll find it here:

Well, you’re supposed to find it there. Right now, it’s not loading. As what appears to be a temporary fix, Google’s changed its blog post to point at this URL:

How to use Realtime Search | YouTube


Googleリアルタイム検索がオープン、数秒前の世界を可視化 | ITmedia オルタナティブ・ブログ


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Live updating Google results – YouTube]


Confirmed: Google Tests Search Results That Update As You Type | TechCrunch

This is a test. This is only a test. | Official Google Blog

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