★On Forking Android

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Android とひと括りにすべきではない・・・

Neither Microsoft, Nokia, nor anyone else should fork Android. It’s unforkable. | Ars Technica

Android isn’t designed to be forked. With GMS, Google has deliberately designed Android to resist forking. Suggestions that Microsoft scrap its own operating system in favor of such a fork simply betray a lack of understanding of the way Google has built the Android platform.

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★When Apple reached parity with Windows

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When Apple reached parity with Windows | asymco

Apple Platform Devices vs. Windows PCs | Daring Fireball

Windows と肩を並べたアップル | maclalala2

Windows と肩を並べたアップル(つづき) | maclalala2

プラットフォームのなんたるかを理解していなかった Google+

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Google’s Own Burning Platform Memo | ParisLemon

This is all kinds of fascinating. It’s a Jerry Maguire-esque memo for Google. It’s The Burning Platform part 2.

[…] Read it.

Steve Yegge – Hi external-world folks, I posted a long opinionated rant… | Google+

Google Engineer: “Google+ is a Prime Example of Our Complete Failure to Understand Platforms” | SiliconFilter

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Infographic: 37 Android-related patent lawsuits (since 2010) | FOSS Patents

This infographic leaves no doubt that Android faces more problems than any other software platform — mobile or otherwise — in the history of this industry. And the trend is undoubtedly that there will be even more of this before all is said and done and, hopefully, settled.

[…] A company that treates copyright this way — also according to Oracle’s allegations — may be similarly arrogant and reckless when patents are concerned. Google just exposes its entire ecosystem to legal risks. If it goes well, Google reaps most of the rewards. If it doesn’t, others will have to pick up most of the bill.

Android とは何か?

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What Android Is | ongoing by Tim Bray

What Android Is | Daring Fireball

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サムスンタブレットのことなんか忘れて、iPad で Android を動かせばいいんだよ!

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Forget Samsung’s Tab — run Android on your iPad | Computerworld Blogs

OpeniBoot is an open source group dedicated to figuring out the bootrom on iOS devices.

What this means is that OpeniBoot produce tools which allow unsigned code to launch on Apple’s devices, which means you can install other operating systems on your device.