Paid Apps Aren’t Dead — but They Are on Life Support

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有料アプリは終わった, わずかな例外を除いては

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It’s Over For Paid Apps, With A Few Exceptions | TechCrunch

有料アプリは終わった, わずかな例外を除いては | TechCrunch Japan

Paid Apps On The Decline: 90% Of iOS Apps Are Free, Up From 80-84% During 2010-2012, Says Flurry | TechCrunch

In-App Purchase Revenue Hits Record High: Accounts For 76% Of U.S. iPhone App Revenue, 90% In Asian Markets | TechCrunch

Remember when I’d never link to TechCrunch during the Arrington days? |

有料アプリの時代は終わった | maclalala2

Premium vs Freemium vs Subscription

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Underscore Price Dynamics

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Underscore Price Dynamics |

This is the real reason why Apple doesn’t care about upgrade pricing: there’s no demand from customers. The market has shown that free apps will be downloaded at least an order of magnitude more than paid-up-front apps, and smart use of in-app purchase in a free app is likely to make more money. Over time, this trend has only become stronger and more clear.

Paid-up-front iOS apps had a great run, but it’s over. Time to make other plans.

有料アプリの時代は終わった | maclalala2

The age of pre-paid apps is over | iMore

#145: Real World Price Dynamics with Lauren Smith. | Developing Perspective