Hands-on with Samsung’s Tizen OS: An impressively capable Android clone

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Mac OS X Lion

What Price Lion? | The Tech Night Owl

After all is said and done, I expect that Apple will probably not return to the $129 price point for Lion. It’ll be something closer to $79 or $99 a copy, which will simply allow Apple to sell even more copies. But they’ll still prefer that you buy a new Mac, so they can enjoy the full profit experience.

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サムスンタブレットのことなんか忘れて、iPad で Android を動かせばいいんだよ!

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Forget Samsung’s Tab — run Android on your iPad | Computerworld Blogs

OpeniBoot is an open source group dedicated to figuring out the bootrom on iOS devices.

What this means is that OpeniBoot produce tools which allow unsigned code to launch on Apple’s devices, which means you can install other operating systems on your device.