Son of Blackbird

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Exclusive: Skunk Works Reveals SR-71 Successor Plan | Aviation Week

Ever since Lockheed’s unsurpassed SR-71 Blackbird was retired from U.S. Air Force service almost two decades ago, the perennial question has been: Will it ever be succeeded by a new-generation, higher-speed aircraft and, if so, when?

That is, until now. After years of silence on the subject, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works has revealed exclusively to AW&ST details of long-running plans for what it describes as an affordable hypersonic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and strike platform that could enter development in demonstrator form as soon as 2018. Dubbed the SR-72, the twin-engine aircraft is designed for a Mach 6 cruise, around twice the speed of its forebear, and will have the optional capability to strike targets.


Meet the SR-72 | Aviation Week


The most secure drones will be able to kill without human controllers

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The most secure drones will be able to kill without human controllers | Quartz

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Ospreys in Okinawa

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Ospreys in Okinawa |

For too long, Okinawans have seen promises but no movement. The United States has an obligation to tread lightly in Okinawa and to listen to the concerns of the residents. It can start by putting the Ospreys someplace else.

U.S. Sends Ospreys to Okinawa, Despite Fierce Opposition |

Costly Osprey Hybrid Craft Symbol of Fight to Cut Pentagon |

But anyone who has followed the tortured history of the Osprey over the past quarter-century saw the persistent, politically savvy hand of the Marines in arranging Mr. Panetta’s flight — and another example in what has become a case study of how hard it is to kill billion-dollar Pentagon programs.

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iPhone 等の軍事転用

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DOD Gets New Weapon For Securing iPhones | Informationweek


SteelCloud has developed a new mobile appliance to help secure iPhones across the Department of Defense (DOD).

Mobileworks DE is loaded with Good Technology’s Good for Government enterprise-class mobile mail and personal information management system, which the company said can be deployed in 60 minutes.


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Marines waited on a landing craft on April 1 off northeastern Japan

Nuclear-Plant Disaster Offers Military Lessons |

米軍、日本での原発危機対応で貴重な教訓得る | WSJ 日本版

CAMP S.D. BUTLER, Japan—Japan has become an unlikely laboratory for the U.S. to study modern warfare after the March nuclear accident created conditions like those the military could face if a terror group set off a “dirty” radiological bomb.


“What Tomodachi is probably going to be best known for…is…operations in the radioactive environment,” said Lt. Col. Damien Marsh, commander of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265, which was involved in the operation.


It was the first time Marine aircraft had operated in a radiologically contaminated environment, and Lt. Col. Marsh emphasized the “strategic value” of the experience. In the future, he told the visiting commandant, Gen. James Amos, “it’s not hard to believe that we could be responding someplace involving a disaster at a nuclear power plant, dirty bombs or terrorism.”


静かに立ち去った米軍 | maclalala2


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Dogs in the news |

Who’s the Dog Hero of the Raid on Bin Laden? |

War Dogs [Video] | The New York Times

兵士ひとりひとりに iPhone を持たせる?

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Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks |

“Users will experience difficulty with transferring data for operational needs which could impede timeliness on mission execution,” the document admits. But “military personnel who do not comply … may be punished under Article 92 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.” Article 92 is the armed forces’ regulation covering failure to obey orders and dereliction of duty, and it stipulates that violators “shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

But to several Defense Department insiders, the steps taken so far to prevent another big secret data dump have been surprisingly small. “After all the churn…. The general perception is business as usual. I’m not kidding,” one of those insiders says. “We haven’t turned a brain cell on it.”

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