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World’s Most Advanced Machinery Was Reason For Apple’s Liquidmetal Deal, Expert Says | Cult of Mac


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ナゾの Liquidmetal が iPhone(?)で使われていた!

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Apple’s Mystery Liquidmetal Product Revealed… [Competition Answer] | Cult of Mac

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iPhone アンテナをケースに隠す?

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Dr. Atakan Peker

Liquidmetal May Be Used For New iPhone Antenna Says Inventor [Exclusive] | Cult of Mac

Peker said he had no direct knowledge of Apple’s plans. Apple is already using Liquidmetal in at least one product, he said (a Magic Trackpad if you can guess what it is) and is likely to expand. Liquidmetal Technologies has invested heavily in die-casting technology. Apple is likely to use the alloy as a structural component in mobile products like the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

“You can build casings with functional characteristics, and the alloy’s properties as an antenna can be optimized,” Peker said.

“This is a highly flexible material,” he said. “Apple could do some very creative cases.”

Inside source confirms Verizon iPhone, with new antenna | DVICE


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liquidmetal_tech.jpg “Apple licenses tech of Liquidmetal Technologies” by Gus Sentementes: 09 August 2010

Perhaps in the near future, we can expect our iPhones, iPads, and iPods to be made of these new “amorphous” metals that Liquidmetal specializes in.

iPhone 3G Wiki blog: “Apple、Liquidmetalの独占使用権を得る” by Man o’War: 11 August 2010


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