Apple, betrayed by its own law firm

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Apple, betrayed by its own law firm | Ars Technica

Court documents unsealed this week reveal who’s behind FlatWorld, and it’s anything but typical. FlatWorld is partly owned by the named inventor on the patents, a Philadelphia design professor named Slavko Milekic. But 35 percent of the company has been quietly controlled by an attorney at one of Apple’s own go-to law firms, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. E-mail logs show that the attorney, John McAleese, worked together with his wife and began planning a wide-ranging patent attack against Apple’s touch-screen products in January 2007—just days after the iPhone was revealed to the world.

Apple betrayed by its own lawyer | The Loop

That’s almost too crazy to believe.

Apple Facing Touchscreen Patent Lawsuit, Filed by Attorney at Apple’s Own Law Firm | Daring Fireball

One of the most bizarre patent troll stories I’ve ever seen.