Apple executives and a long history with watches

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Apple executives and a long history with watches | 9to5Mac

Mark Gurman のユニークな視点・・・

Apple’s top executives, the minds that control Apple’s future product pipeline, have demonstrated an interest in watches. So, it is interesting and intriguing to take a look at this interest of Apple’s product planners in light of the aforementioned “Jobsism:”

Jony Ive Ordered Boxes Of Nike Watches | Business Insider


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Apple patent filing points directly to ‘iWatch’ concept with flexible touchscreen display

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iWatch Design Concept

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The Next Apple TV: iWatch

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The Next Apple TV: iWatch | Monday Note

It’s hard to imagine that Apple would merely integrate an existing accessory into a new iPod. Sales of the iPod proper are decelerating, so the iPod-as-iWatch could give the line a much needed boost, but it’s difficult to reconcile the rumors of “100 people” working on the project if it’s just a retrofit job. Is Apple working on an iWatch that can be experienced as an Even More Personal personal computer — an “intimate computer”? If so, many questions arise: user interface, sensors, iOS version, new types of apps, connection with other iDevices… And, of course price.

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What if “watch” is the wrong word?

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What if “watch” is the wrong word? | 52 Tiger

Imagine that Apple isn’t specifically designing a watch, but the next step in its portable devices. Something that does much of what iOS devices do today, only in a novel way, and is smaller than current devices.

Perhaps “watch” is the wrong word | The Loop

On Watch Rumors | Minimal Mac

And here, in a single image, is why we have no idea what Apple may or may not be working on, why it is useless to speculate about it, and why almost anything we can think it might be act or look like is likely wrong.

On Watch Rumors | ParisLemon

《Update:「時計」と呼ぶかどうか》 | maclalala2

Apple Said to Have Team Developing Wristwatch Computer

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Apple が創造する iWatch ってどんなものだろう?妄想してみた

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Apple Is Testing Watch-Like Device

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The Apple iWatch

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