Google’s sneaky new privacy change affects 85% of iPhone users—but most of them won’t have noticed

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On Teens and iPhones

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48% of U.S. teens own an iPhone. 62% plan to buy one. | Fortune Tech

Piper Jaffray says teens love Apple! | John Moltz’s Very Nice Web Site

On Teens and iPhones. | The Axx

Overall, Apple has simply done an amazing job at entrenching themselves in the minds and hearts of teenagers. Despite the results of any studies or articles saying otherwise, I can easily assert that the demand for iPhones from the teenage audience is in no way waning. In fact, more teens seem to want iPhones than ever before.

[…] Apple would have to have a massive blunder to change the direction the iPhone’s popularity with teens is heading. In the mean time, Piper Jaffray’s study stands true.

米国のティーンエイジャーは iPhone 大好き | maclalala2