Carriers and US retailers will have almost no gold or silver iPhone 5s inventory tomorrow

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Carriers and US retailers will have almost no gold or silver iPhone 5s inventory tomorrow | 9to5Mac

iPhone 5S ゴールドは世界的な入手難? | maclalala2

iPhone 5C and 5S go on sale with gold in short supply | The Verge

新型iPhone発売開始、中国でゴールド売り切れか |

As Apple begins selling the new iPhones, in Hong Kong, it’s all about the Gold color iPhone 5S. | WSJ

Apple Inc. has asked its suppliers to increase production of the gold-colored iPhone 5S by an additional one-third after seeing strong demand, people familiar with the situation said. It isn’t clear whether there are currently supply constraints manufacturing the new iPhone.

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iPhone 5s Teardown – iFixit

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iPhone 5s Teardown | iFixit

We’re doin’ this teardown live! Refresh periodically to catch the latest on the 5s as we tear into it in real-time.

One…Three…G…Three…G again…S!…Four…Four again!…And another S!… Five!…S!…Five?!…C!

さっそく iPhone 5S を分解した iFixit | maclalala2

Apple’s A7 Processor is Made by Samsung | iFixit

Apple’s Mysterious M7 Processor Uncovered | iFixit

《Update:やっぱり A7 はサムスン製》 | maclalala2

Apple’s A7 chip again made by Samsung, camera by Sony and non-descript ‘M7′ chip by NXP | 9to5Mac

Chipworks: Apple’s A7 Chip Made By Samsung, M7 Co-Processor By NXP | TechCrunch

iPhone5S、メモリーチップはSKハイニックス製=iFixit | Reuters

iFixit、iPhone 5を速攻で解剖 ソニーや村田製作所などの日本製部品多数 | ITmedia ニュース

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★ギークのおススメ iPhone レビュー

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ギークたちのレーダーにかかった iPhone 5C/5S、iOS 7 レビュー

John Gruber のおススメ: —

Anand Lal Shimpi [The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech]

Copiously detailed and researched. A genuine pleasure to read. So glad Apple provided AnandTech with iPhone review units. As I concluded, the 5S is a performance and graphics powerhouse:

David Pogue [Yes, There’s a New iPhone. But That’s Not the Big News. |[]

Jim Dalrymple [Review: iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s | The Loop]

The whole front page of The Loop is chockablock with great iOS 7 links. I won’t bother duplicating them, just go to The Loop and load them into tabs from there.

Rene Ritchie [iOS 7 review | iMore]

No idea how anyone is getting any work done today — so much great stuff to read, so many updated apps to try.

Jim Dalrymple のおススメ: —

John Gruber [The iPhone 5S and 5C | Daring Fireball]

Two things that I thought were particularly interesting in John’s review: the part about innovation and the section on 64-bit. Definitely worth a read.

Anand Lal Shimpi [The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech]

I don’t think there is anyone more qualified to do this type of high-end technical review.

Rene Ritchie [iOS 7 review | iMore]

Speak of busy, Rene Ritchie wrote almost 14,000 words on iOS 7.

MG Siegler のおススメ: —

A Few Great iPhone 5s Reads | ParisLemon

・Walt Mossberg: A New Touch for iPhone | AllThingsD

For the “normals”, it’s still Walt Mossberg.

・John Gruber [The iPhone 5S and 5C | Daring Fireball]

For a little bit of fun, good analysis, and venturing a bit into the weeds, it’s John “in your fucking pocket”

・Anand Lal Shimpi [The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech]

For hands-down the best technically detailed write up, it’s Anand Lal Shimpi.

Marco Arment のおススメ: —

Anand Lal Shimpi [The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech]

The only 5s review I need to read, packed with tons of analysis of the A7.

John Gruber [The iPhone 5S and 5C | Daring Fireball]

OK, add one more. Fantastic review by John Gruber.

And his argument in the first footnote for capitalizing “5S” and “5C” has convinced me to stick with that convention.

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iPhone レビューの一斉解禁

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iPhone イベント時に貸与された 5C/5S のレビューが世界中一斉に解禁された




John Gruber:

The iPhone 5S and 5C | Daring Fireball

“Can’t Innovate, My Ass”, Indeed

So what has Apple delivered with the iPhone 5S?

This is what innovation, real innovation, looks like. It’s like the Thomas Edison quote, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Innovation is missed by most people because it is so often incremental.

Jim Dalrymple:

Review: iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s | The Loop

Shortly after Apple’s iPhone event ended on September 10, I walked into a room to speak with Apple executives about the new devices. During that meeting, I was also given a green iPhone 5c and a gold iPhone 5s to review, both running iOS 7—I’ve been using those two phones for the last week.

Walt Mossberg:

A New Touch for iPhone | AllThingsD

My biggest disappointment is that there have been only minor improvements to the keyboard. Unlike in Android, Apple still bars you from substituting third-party keyboards with better auto-correction. The company says this is due to security worries.

Overall, however, the new iPhone 5s is a delight. Its hardware and software make it the best smartphone on the market.

David Pogue:

In Arrival of 2 iPhones, 3 Lessons |

LESSON 1 Apple may have set its own bar for innovation too high.

It’s a terrific phone. The price is right. It will sell like hot cakes; the new iPhones go on sale Friday. But just sheathing last year’s phone in shiny plastic isn’t a stunning advance.

LESSON 2 The smartphone is mature.

Focus instead on the silver lining: you can keep your current phone longer without feeling obsolete quite so soon.

LESSON 3 If we’re reaching a point of diminishing returns in hardware breakthroughs, the software breakthroughs are only just getting under way.

Edward Baig:

New iPhones and iOS 7 team up for winning combo | USA Today


Darrell Etherington:

iPhone 5s Review: Apple’s Latest Smartphone Goes For (And Gets) The Gold | TechCrunch
iPhone 5c Review: Apple’s Colorful Take On The iPhone Is A Refreshing Change Of Design Pace | TechCrunch

Myriam Joire:

iPhone 5s review | Engadget
iPhone 5c review | Engadget

Lauren Goode:

Apple iPhone 5C Comes in Candy Colors at a Nice Price for Newcomers | AllThingsD

Scott Stein:

Apple iPhone 5S Review | CNET
Apple iPhone 5C Review | CNET

Anand Shimpi:

The iPhone 5s Review | AnandTech

Apple’s move to 64-bit proves it is not only committed to supporting its own microarchitectures in the mobile space, but also that it is being a good steward of the platform. Just like AMD had to do in the mid-2000s, Apple must plan ahead for the future of iOS and that’s exactly what it has done. The immediate upsides to moving to 64-bit today are increased performance across the board as well as some huge potential performance gains in certain FP and cryptographic workloads.

The iPhone 5c Review | AnandTech

Personally I’d prefer the iPhone 5s simply because of its more modern platform, even if I were recommending a device for someone else not as concerned with performance. Supporting the latest ISA (which will probably stick around for a while) and OpenGL ES 3.0 are both important if you’re going to be keeping your phone for a very long time and plan on using it for more than just the basic first party apps.

Apple throwing its hat into the multi-device race marks a very important change for the company. I’ve always believed that the smartphone space would end up looking a lot like the PC industry, or in Apple’s case, the Mac business. Apple presently offers a handful of Mac notebooks, and I see no reason why Apple will stop at two with the iPhone.

になるカラー:MG Siegler | maclalala2

Stuart Miles:

Apple iPhone 5S review | Pocket-lint
Apple iPhone 5C review | Pocket-lint

Luke Peters:

iPhone 5s review | T3
iPhone 5c review | T3



ライフスタイルを彩る「5c」、未来を映す「5s」:どちらも期待を裏切らない“正統進化”――林信行の「iPhone 5c/5s」徹底レビュー (1/4) | ITmedia PC USER
ファッション性でiPhone 5cか、将来性でiPhone 5sか、あなたの個性をビビッドに表す2つの新型iPhone (1/6)|徹底特集 「iPhone 5s」&「iOS 7」を全力チェック! |


iPhone5s・5cを実際に使ってわかったこと | 週アスPLUS

西田 宗千佳:

【西田宗千佳のRandomTracking】iPhone 5s/5cの「カメラ」「AV機能」をチェック | AV Watch

磯 修:

新iPhone実機テスト、カメラ機能はコンパクトデジカメを大きく凌駕! | 日経トレンディネット


それは調和による進化――iOS7の魅力を引き出す“2つのiPhone” (1/3) | ITmedia Mobile

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★The Most Forward Thinking Apple Yet

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The Most Forward Thinking Apple Yet | CannyVision


iOS 7 が 64-bit 対応になった意味 | maclalala2

‘The Most Forward-Thinking Apple Yet’ | John Gruber

Interesting analysis of this week’s Apple announcements from Sisir Koppaka. Bottom line: it seems like Apple has been quiet recently, but what they’re doing is laying groundwork.

Apple’s iPhone 5s, the A7 Chip, and That 64-Bit Question | AllThingsD

The real reasons Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip makes sense | CNET News

The real reasons Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip makes sense | ParisLemon

「iPhone 5s」の64bit CPU採用が意味するもの (1/2)|

iPhone 5S/iPhone 5Cリリース雑感(gamella) | BLOGOS

Apple Special Event, September 2013

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If Apple release an iPhone 5S, then…

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The “iPhone 5S” problem

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The “iPhone 5S” problem |

The “iPhone 5S” problem is the idea that Apple has become predictable coupled with the perception that the next big thing might just come from somewhere else.

The “iPhone 5S” Problem | ParisLemon

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On Apple’s iPad 5, iPhone 5S, and Plastic iPhone

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On Apple’s iPad 5, iPhone 5S, and Plastic iPhone | iLounge Backstage

What does it look like? Well, it’s a lot smaller than one would guess was possible: in portrait orientation, picture a 9.7” screen with virtually no left or right bezels, and only enough space above and below the screen to accommodate the mandatory camera and Home Button elements. Beyond that, it’s noticeably thinner, as well, which is to say the the fifth-generation iPad will be smaller in every dimension than its predecessors. As it will have the same chamfered edges and curves, calling it a “stretched iPad mini” is very close to entirely accurate, with the rendering below looking pretty close to what I’ve seen. The critical question: “how will Apple accomplish this?”

iPad 5 Set for October Debut with Design Similar to iPad Mini? iPhone 5S and Lower-Cost iPhone Moving Forward | Mac Rumors

iLoungeのJeremy Horwitz氏、「iPad 5」「iPhone 5S」「廉価版iPhone」に関する最新情報を公開 | 気になる、記になる…

またぞろウワサが・・・ | maclalala2