Similarities between the original iPad launch and rumored iWatch

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Japan: Where the iPad is changing lives

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Disruptions: F.A.A. May Loosen Curbs on Fliers’ Use of Electronics

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iPad in the classroom is a winner

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Burlington High School Profile | Apple

教育が変わる、学校が変わる — 必見!

The iPad one-to-one program uses technology that’s already a big part of students’ lives to make them more excited about learning.

iPad in the classroom is a winner | The Loop

Apple has a profile on its education page that offers an article and a video talking the faculty and students of Burlington High School, just outside Boston, Mass. The article is great, but the video is amazing. The teachers want the best tools they can get and they recognize that text books are not the best way to go.

Schools Abandon Textbooks To Go All iPad | Here & Now

At Burlington High School, Steve Jobs’ Legacy Lives On | CBS Boston

教育の場と iPad — Burlington 高校の場合 | maclalala2

It’s not Apple’s job to be a parent to your kids

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It’s not Apple’s job to be a parent to your kids | The Loop

The simple fact is, as parents, it’s up to us to monitor what our kids do with technology or any toy. If you choose not to use the included controls because they are a hassle, then that’s your choice. You made that decision.

Apple’s iPad Needs A Kid Mode. Like, Yesterday. | TechCrunch

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Apple IPads Neutered for U.S. Government in CACI Mobile Push

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Apple IPads Neutered for U.S. Government in CACI Mobile Push | Bloomberg

CACI, based in Arlington, Virginia, secures iPads for the government by altering the hardware rather than by providing software, Allen said. While the iPad’s wireless connectivity and camera are among the features he said are risky in a top-secret environment, he declined to provide details on how CACI secures the devices.

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One in six PCs shipped in Q4 2012 was an iPad

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About iPad market share

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Survey: E-book reading goes up, print reading declines

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On writing on the iPad

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Why I’m writing on the iPad | Macworld

Now, even on the iPad’s screen I’m a decently fast typist. (The iPad mini, not so much, at least not yet.) I certainly can type on an iPad much faster than I can write with a pen on paper. But it’s nowhere close to my speed on a MacBook keyboard. Using the iPad slowed me down and got me to think about what I was writing in a way that using my trusty MacBook Air never would.

I’m no Oliver Sacks, but I’d wager that I’m just not taking more time to choose my words, but I’m actually using different parts of my brain when I write this way. And not only does the actual act of writing feel different, but the end result feels different to me too.

On writing on the iPad | The Loop

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