iCloud のフォトストリーム数 — 1か月 25000 枚まで

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iCloud:「自分のフォトストリーム」と iCloud の写真共有の制限 | Apple

1 カ月ごとに自分のフォトストリームにアップロードできる枚数:25,000 枚

Apple、iCloudフォトストリームのアップロード保存枚数を1ヶ月25,000枚に制限 | MACお宝鑑定団

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Understanding iCloud Backups of iOS Devices

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In the age of iCloud, does Apple need to maintain a monstrous iTunes?

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In the age of iCloud, does Apple need to maintain a monstrous iTunes? |

iTunes has been around for so long now, it’s starting to get really bloated and overweight. On the one hand it’s great that everything you need to help manage your iOS device, media content and more besides is accessibly in one place. But that one place isn’t necessarily the right place. With iCloud at their disposal, Apple could strip away pretty much all of the overwhelming store, and leave us with a stripped down media playing experience. iOS style apps would be pretty fantastic, but while we have to think about our Windows using friends it’s unlikely it would happen. Sending a big chunk of iTunes to the web would be a good place to start, though, and everyone could benefit from that.

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When Apple gets iCloud right

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Developers voice frustration with iCloud

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Frustrated with iCloud, Apple’s developer community speaks up en masse | Ars Technica

From data loss and corruption to unexpected Apple ID use cases, developers have seen it all—but are stymied by the persistence of problems that prevent them from shipping products with working iCloud support.

Developers voice frustration with iCloud | The Loop

Apple’s broken promise: why doesn’t iCloud ‘just work’? | The Verge

Apple’s Broken Promise: iCloud and Core Data | Daring Fireball

Apple’s iCloud problem | The Loop

Between Dropbox and iCloud

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Stuck between the Dropbox that was and the iCloud that isn’t yet |

As much as iCloud is the right idea still not realized, Dropbox is the wrong thing done brilliantly well. And at the end of the day, that still amounts to the wrong thing.

Between Dropbox and iCloud | The Loop

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iPad mini で完成する iCloud 環境

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iPad miniで完成するiCloud環境 | 若旦那の独り言wp

さて登場したiPad mini。値段がーとかスペックがーとかいろいろ考えるところがあるのは確かだが、だからといってNexus7を買うかというとそんなことは微塵も考えないわけで、その理由は何かというとiCloud環境にあるのだ。

それが見えてくると値段が高いから他のタブレットでとかそーいう選択肢はまったく考えられないことがわかる。デスクトップの「延長」であるiPadは、書斎を出てリビングも出てとうとう屋外へと進もうとしている。そのためのiPad miniと考えれば収まりが良い。

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iPad mini で完成する iCloud 環境 はコメントを受け付けていません。

iCloud にすべてのデータを入れておく怖さ

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Yes, I was hacked. Hard. | Emptyage

iCloud のアカウントをハックされて、iPhone も iPad も MacBook Air もリモートワイプされてしまった Mat Honan の悪夢のような体験

At 4:50 PM, someone got into my iCloud account, reset the password and sent the confirmation message about the reset to the trash. My password was a 7 digit alphanumeric that I didn’t use elsewhere. When I set it up, years and years ago, that seemed pretty secure at the time. But it’s not. Especially given that I’ve been using it for, well, years and years. My guess is they used brute force to get the password (see update) and then reset it to do the damage to my devices.

Update Three: I know how it was done now. Confirmed with both the hacker and Apple. It wasn’t password related. They got in via Apple tech support and some clever social engineering that let them bypass security questions.

Hacked iCloud password leads to nightmare (updated) | TUAW

How @Gizmodo Got Hacked and How You Should Defend Yourself | Gizmodo

Don’t rely on the cloud. It’s great to have online storage you can get at from all your various devices, but when the shit goes down and you’re under attack, nothing is more secure than a hard drive you can unplug and hide in a shoebox in the closet. It’s not the most convenient way to back up, but you’ll thank yourself for it.

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iCloud にすべてのデータを入れておく怖さ はコメントを受け付けていません。


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iCloud Mystery: Is Apple Using Azure & Amazon? | Data Center Knowledge

Early users of Apple’s iCloud technology have uncovered a bit of a mystery: evidence that Apple may be using Windows Azure and/or Amazon Web Services in its early implementation of the iCloud. The reports are based on user analyses of HTTP traffic, and have prompted debate about what the data reveal and whether or not Apple is using other cloud services to supplement its North Carolina data center.

Is iCloud utilizing Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s cloud services? | InfiniteApple

Is Apple tapping Amazon and Microsoft to boost iCloud? | GigaOM

Apple iCloud Azure use tested, confirmed | InfiniteApple

Is Apple really using Windows Azure to power iCloud? | ZDNet

Windows Azure Content Distribution Network (CDN) | Windows Azure [Microsoft]

What Could Apple’s iCloud Service Be Worth To Akamai? Here’s Some Numbers | The Business Of Online Video

I Would Not Build Underground | Hypercritical #22

What Datacenter Equipment Is Apple Using? | Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

Big data meets big storage: an in-depth look at Isilon’s scale-out storage solution | Ars Technica