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Google+が実名ルールを捨て、ユーザーに謝罪 はコメントを受け付けていません。

The Plus in Google Plus? It’s Mostly for Google

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New Gmail Feature Allows Anyone On Google+ To Email You & Vice Versa, But Opt Out Is Provided | TechCrunch

Google+のユーザーはアドレスを知らなくても他のユーザーにGmailを送れるようになる―オプトアウトは可能 | TechCrunch Japan

Google will make it easy for strangers to email you |

Google Plus and Gmail, Sitting in a Tree | Daring Fireball

This has to be a mistake. Surely Google will change this from opt-out to opt-in.

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Google Reader Still Drives Far More Traffic Than Google+

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Google Reader Still Drives Far More Traffic Than Google+ | BuzzFeed

According to data from the BuzzFeed Network, a set of tracked partner sites that collectively have over 300 million users, Google Reader is still a significant source of traffic for news — and a much larger one than Google+. The above chart, created by BuzzFeed’s data team, represents data collected from August 2012 to today.

Google Reader Still Drives Far More Traffic Than Google Plus | Daring Fireball

My own referrer logs look the same as Buzzfeed’s — lots from Google Reader, almost none from Google Plus. But I don’t know that that means Google made a mistake by shutting down Reader. I don’t think they want to drive traffic to other sites. Google Plus is like the late-’90s portal mania all over again — they want you to stay on their site, not go elsewhere.

John Herrman of BuzzFeed: According to data from… | ParisLemon

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グーグルが Jaiku、Buzz などをバッサリ

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Google Voice Pulled Amid iOS 5 Massive Fail | ParisLemon

I have hundreds of apps. The only one that I’ve seen that’s affected by the move to iOS 5 is Google Voice. It crashes every – single – time.

I know I bitch about this a lot, but I really can’t understand for the life of me why Google doesn’t take more pride in their work on iOS. Yes, I know the focus is on Android. But it’s still their own name they’re sullying. Always better to release nothing than to release shit.

Google Voice pulled from App Store following iOS 5 crash | Engadget

Google+ – Buzzkill As you may have read, today we announced our… | Bradley Horowitz

Google’s Buzz kill completes shift to Google+ | CNET News

A fall sweep | Official Google Blog

Google Axes More Services: Jaiku, Buzz, Code Search & More | TechCrunch

Google Seppukus Jaiku, Buzz | ParisLemon

With Jaiku, what a shame. Just imagine if Google would have realized what they had all those years ago. Instead they let the product rot as they tried to squeeze the founders into other failed social projects.

Even sadder, I just assumed they had killed it off years ago.

As for Buzz. Finally. It’s been dead for ages, Google just refused to admit it until they were sure Google+ would get some traction. Massive fail.

A fall sweep  —  We aspire to build great products … (Bradley Horowitz/The Official Google Blog) | Techmeme