Gmail Uses Encrypted HTTPS When Checking, Sending Email

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New Gmail Feature Allows Anyone On Google+ To Email You & Vice Versa, But Opt Out Is Provided | TechCrunch

Google+のユーザーはアドレスを知らなくても他のユーザーにGmailを送れるようになる―オプトアウトは可能 | TechCrunch Japan

Google will make it easy for strangers to email you |

Google Plus and Gmail, Sitting in a Tree | Daring Fireball

This has to be a mistake. Surely Google will change this from opt-out to opt-in.

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Apple Releases Mavericks Mail Update to Address Gmail Compatibility Issues

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Lawrence Lessig on Apple’s Customer Communication

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On the pathological way Apple deals with its customers | Lessig Blog, v2

Lawrence Lessig:

For example, if the problem I have confronted with using Gmail (which I describe more below) is something Apple considers a bug, then I’m willing to live with it for a while till Apple fixes it. If it isn’t a bug, but is a feature (insanely but whatever), then I will spend the time (and incredible bandwidth waste) to deal with the problem in the way the Apple volunteers suggest — either by changing the way Gmail works, or getting a new mail application.

So in a line, it is indecent for Apple to sit by silently while its customers waste thousands of hours (in the aggregate) trying to deal with the problems its “upgrades” create, when the simple act of describing what it intends to fix could save its customers those thousands of hours.

Lawrence Lessig on Apple’s Customer Communication | Daring Fireball

The Apple Mail/Gmail thing in particular demands some sort of explanation. From the outside, it’s not possible to determine whether this new behavior is a bug or feature. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though, waiting for Apple to explain its plans for restoring lost features to the iWork apps.

Gmail, Mavericks, and apparently suck together

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