Gizmodo Pivots From Gadgets to Design

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Gizmodo Pivots From Gadgets to Design | Observer

Gizmodo にも変化が・・・

New Faces, New Places | Gizmodo

The “death” of “tech blogging”? | Nieman Journalism Lab


Gizmodo が起訴を免れたわけ

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How Gizmodo escaped indictment in iPhone prototype deal | CNET News

“What we were looking at was possession of stolen property and whether the evidence supported extortion,” Wagstaffe said. “You can say we were looking at whether their actions supported that they participated in the theft of the phone. We didn’t think it supported either.”

Wagstaffe said, however, that his office’s review of the computers seized from Chen’s home showed the correspondence between Gizmodo editors was “juvenile.”

“It was obvious that they were angry with the company about not being invited to some press conference or some big Apple event. We expected to see a certain amount of professionalism–this is like 15-year-old children talking,” Wagstaffe said. “There was so much animosity, and they were very critical of Apple. They talked about having Apple right where they wanted them and they were really going to show them.”

How Gizmodo Escaped Indictment in Last Year’s iPhone Prototype Theft | Daring Fireball

San Mateo DA: iPhone 4 Gizmodo editors acted like teenagers | The Loop

The San Mateo DA’s office declined to go after Gizmodo following the theft of an iPhone 4 prototype last year, but it’s plain to see that they were unimpressed with Gizmodo’s professional demeanor, as well.

In related news, the two men accused of selling the stolen iPhone 4 were sentenced to one year of probation, 40 hours of public service and $250 in restitution to Apple.

How Gizmodo escaped indictment in iPhone prototype deal (CNET News) | Mediagazer

札束ジャーナリズム | maclalala2

シンプルでクリーンになるハズだったのに、これじゃ Lion って Vista みたいじゃないか

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[If it weren’t for its solid core, Lion would be Apple’s very own Vista.:Gizmodo

Mac OS X Lion: This Is Not the Future We Were Hoping For | Gizmodo

Mac OS X Lion:これは僕らが期待した未来じゃない | ギズモード・ジャパン

It breaks my heart to say this, but Mac OSX Lion’s interface feels like a failure. Its stated mission was to simplify the operating system, to unify it with the clean experience of iOS. That didn’t happen.

こんなこと書くのは胸が張り裂けそうだけどMac OSX Lionのインターフェイス、ダメっぽいですよ。OSをシンプルにして、iOSのクリーンなエクスペリエンスと統一するというミッションはどこへやら。[satomi 訳]

If it weren’t for the fast, rock-solid Unix, graphics and networking cores, Lion would be Apple’s very own Vista.

グラフィックスとネットワーキングの基幹が高速で磐石なUnixじゃなかったらLionはアップルのVistaになるところですよ。[satomi 訳]

Lion is the wrong step into that future. By trying to please everyone, the OS X team has produced an incongruent user interface pastiche that won’t satisfy the consumers seeking simplicity nor the professional users in search of OCD control. Apple hasn’t really targeted a specific population. Or provided varying levels of user control—a super-simple modal interface for normal people and pro-level classic window interface for nerds. That’s what Microsoft is trying to do with Windows 8. Ironically, if Apple had taken a page out of Microsoft’s book in this case, it would have been a step in the right direction.

でもLionはその未来に横から割り込んできたような違和感があるんですね。八方美人が仇に出て、OS X開発チームが作ったのはシンプルを求める消費者も、OCDの制御を求めるプロフェッショナルも満足させられない、なんとも調和に欠ける模造品のごときUIなのです。

アップルは特定の層をターゲットにしているわけでもないんですね。普通の人には超シンプルな(全画面表示切り替えの)モーダルなインターフェイスを用意して、ナードな人には昔ながらのウィンドウが開くプロレベルのインターフェイスを用意する…といった具合に、ユーザー判断で使い分けできるようにもしていません。そちらはむしろマイクロソフトがこれからWindows 8でやろうとしていることです。これに関しては皮肉にもマイクロソフトを見習うと、アップルも正しい方向に一歩前進ということになりますね。[satomi 訳]


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Irony | Daring Fireball


Brian Lam left his phone behind in a restaurant; now, thankful that an honest patron turned it in.

UPDATE: Here’s a screenshot, from before Lam locked his Twitter account. And Google’s cache.