グーグルの DNS サーバを使うとダウンロードが遅くなる

Posted in テレビ by shiro on 2010年12月30日


Google DNS

iTunes slowdowns with Google DNS | joe maller

Last night we tried to rent an iTunes movie on our newish Apple TV. Instead of starting right away, the Apple TV said it would be 2+ hours before we could start watching. I’ve got a healthy 15-20Mb/s connection and a clean wire to the Apple TV, so this shouldn’t be happening.

A little bit of research turned up a surprising fix: Don’t use Google DNS.

iTunes Store Slowdowns With Google DNS | Daring Fireball

I had the same thing happen last week. Horrendously slow downloads on my Apple TV, despite a fine network connection. Switching from Google DNS to my default DNS servers (Comcast) fixed it.