How to Make a Vesper: Design

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How to Make a Vesper: Design | Vesper

How to Make a Vesper: Design | Daring Fireball

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iOS 7: ここ10年で最大の悪夢

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iOS 7: ここ10年で最大の悪夢 | Ticking Point

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The formula for the iOS 7 icon superellipse

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Multiplane | Manton Reece

80 years after Ub’s invention, the multiplane is alive in iOS 7. Previous versions of iOS were built on a single plane with raised and textured areas on that surface, like a topographical map except with buttons instead of mountains. iOS 7 is instead designed with multiple flat layers. Each level is strikingly flat, but by layering two or three, spaced apart, Apple has achieved an overall sense of depth.

iOS 7 とマルチプレーン・カメラ | maclalala2

Multiplane |

Multiplane | Daring Fireball

The MultiPlane Camera | YouTube

スクロールに応じて要素がアニメーションする、視差効果(パララックス)を取り入れたWebデザイン例とTipsいろいろ | かちびと.net

What Your Website’s Design Says About You

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Principles of Flat Design

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Designing blogs for readers

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Designing blogs for readers | Matt Gemmell


Designing blogs for readers | The Loop

Content as Medium | The Loop

Jony Ive’s new look for iOS 7: black, white, and flat all over

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iOS design in the future: Almost flat

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The future of iOS design? | Medium

iOS design in the future: Almost flat | The Loop

This is along the lines of what I would expect in iOS. Not throwing everything away, but more updating and modernizing the interface.


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フラットなデザインはトレンドで終わるのか? | doctac


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