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明かされるiPhone誕生秘話、ジョブズ氏の最後通告も | Yahoo!ニュース(ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナル)

Apple Engineer Recalls the iPhone’s Birth | WSJ

Apple engineer recalls the iPhone’s birth | The Loop

Inside a Secret Apple Room Where iPhone Software Was Born | WSJ

iPhoneのソフトウエアが誕生した部屋 |

The secret room where the iPhone software was born | The Loop

The Job After Steve Jobs: Tim Cook and Apple

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Video – Apple After Steve Jobs |

WAKABAYASHI: A normal great company, but maybe no longer an iconic company?
KANE: Right.

The Job After Steve Jobs: Tim Cook and Apple | WSJ

WSJ Runs Excerpt From ‘Haunted Empire’ | Daring Fireball

アップルはもはや伝説的な会社ではない | maclalala2

Why Is Apple Being So Nostalgic? | The New Yorker

From the Department of Fitting Facts to the Narrative | Daring Fireball

WSJ Interview With Tim Cook

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Apple iPhones to come out with bigger screens

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Apple iPhones to come out with bigger screens | The Wall Street Journal

On the WSJ’s ‘iPhones to Come Out With Bigger Screens’ Story | Daring Fireball

And as, always, I ask: what are the pixel dimensions of these bigger screens?

果たして「大型スクリーンの iPhone を2モデル投入」はありか? | maclalala2