SoftBank CEO: how I got Steve Jobs to give me iPhone exclusivity for Japan

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SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son: Video | Bloomberg

SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son on Persuading Steve Jobs, U.S. Wireless | Businessweek

こうして iPhone の日本独占販売権をジョブズから獲得した:孫正義 | maclalala2

孫正義氏の米国テレビデビューで対米戦略の一端が見えてきた | maclalala2

SoftBank CEO: how I got Steve Jobs to give me iPhone exclusivity for Japan | The Loop

SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son won iPhone exclusivity after pitching Apple cellphone to Steve Jobs | Apple Insider

My interview with Masayoshi … | Twitter / charlierose

今夜、米国のTV出演します。@charlierose | Twitter / masason

Charlie Rose – President Obama on the NSA

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How to design breakthrough inventions

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How to design breakthrough inventions | CBS News [60 Minutes]

How to design breakthrough inventions | CBS News

David Kelley is the founder of the Silicon Valley global design firm IDEO. His company has created thousands of breakthrough inventions including the first computer mouse for Apple, the stand-up toothpaste tube, and a better Pringle for Procter & Gamble. IDEO may be the most influential product design company in the world.

David Kelley talks about Steve Jobs and ‘design thinking’ in ’60 Minutes’ interview | The Verge

IDEO founder David Kelley talks Jobs, Apple | The Loop

When many Apple fans hear about Apple’s design, they think about Jony Ive. But Ive wasn’t the first person to design a product for Apple. Steve Jobs worked with a number of influential designers over the years, and 60 Minutes has turned its gaze to one of the most important ones – David Kelley and his firm IDEO. This is a really interesting look at a man and his design philosophy.

The interview is fascinating anyway, but Apple enthusiasts may especially like his comments on working with Steve, and how Steve helped him when Kelley was diagnosed with his own cancer.

Charlie Rose, David Pogue, John Gruber on iPhone 5 Debut

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David Pogue, John Gruber on iPhone 5 Debut | Businessweek

Charlie Rose, Sept. 21: New York Times technology columnist David Pogue and Daring Fireball tech blogger John Gruber discuss the iPhone 5.

Charlie Rose の SJ 追悼番組と Eric Schmidt の変わり身の早さ

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A Tribute to Steve Jobs | Charlie Rose

A Tribute to Steve Jobs with Eric Schmidt, Ken Auletta, Walter Mossberg, David Carr, Walter Isaacson, Lawrence Ellison, Bob Iger, Marc Andreessen, Marissa Mayer, Steve Wozniak

Google’s Schmidt Says Jobs Merged Art, Science – Video | Bloomberg

Schmidt, Seriously! | Om.Is.Me

That said, I do think by placing a link to Steve Jobs 1955-2011 on the Apple website from the Google home page was one helluva crazy gesture.

What Is Up With Eric Schmidt’s Revisionist History of His Relationship With Steve Jobs? | Forbes

Why is Eric Schmidt doing all these media appearances? I agree with Om Malik’s conclusion, he’s trying to re-write history. He’s trying to insist that everything was always hunky-dory between these two men, when that’s clearly not the case.

If Schmidt truly knows that things didn’t go down between them as he is saying, I find it pathological and scary that he would seemingly be waiting by the phone for Steve to die to hit the talk show circuit giving his view of history — all seemingly so we think highly of Schmidt as a smart guy and friend of Steve’s.

We will see what Walter Isaacson’s book says in a few weeks. We will also see, over time, what people who were on the Apple board before and after Eric’s tenure have to say. The truth will come out.