The frustrating battle to control the internet of things

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CES 2014: Interoperability Could See Home Automation Go Mainstream | MIT Technology Review

The frustrating battle to control the internet of things | The Loop


Stop Trying to Judge CES

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Stop Trying to Judge CES |

Tech we’re looking forward to in 2014: a realist’s guide to CES | The Wirecutter

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Qualcomm’s insane CES 2013 keynote

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End the CES press conference as we know it

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End the CES press conference as we know it | Rob Pegoraro

You then watch a parade of executives bantering on about the company’s hopes and dreams and showing off their upcoming wares, which is good and useful–but from the cheap seats, you see no more detail than you’d get from watching video offsite. And except for Sony’s presser, which takes place in its exhibit area at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you rarely get any hands-on time with the new hardware either.

The trouble with CES press conference day | The Loop

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CES matters less and less

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Why We’re Not At The Biggest Tech Show In The World | Buzzfeed

By Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s reckoning, there are now four technology companies that truly matter to people: Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. None of them are at CES. Apple’s last appearance was in 1992. Microsoft, which delivered the CES keynote for years, announced — before last year’s keynote, even — that it would not return in 2013. Its keynote spot is being taken over by Qualcomm, which is mostly known for making chips for phones, and its centerpiece booth now hosts Hisense, a state-owned Chinese manufacturer you probably haven’t heard of. There probably isn’t a more precise illustration of what’s happened to CES: The booth of the world’s biggest software company is now occupied by a company mostly noted for its production of cheap HDTVs that line the shelves of Walmarts across the country.

Why Buzzfeed Isn’t Attending CES | Daring Fireball

CES Is the World’s Greatest Hardware Show Stuck in a Software Era |

This is a problem for CES, which has never really been a show about software. As software matters more and more, CES matters less and less. The internet is already the world’s largest trade show. Gadget blogs are the new conventions. The hottest products are all in app stores, or on Kickstarter. Sure, big electronics shows offer the opportunity to meet people and forge relationships. But even that transaction is being moved online in the era of real-time social media.

CES matters less and less | The Loop

CESpool | TechCrunch

CESpool | The Loop

Incredible photos from the CES vault: 1967 to 2012 | The Verge

Photos From the CES Vault: 1967 to 2012 | Daring Fireball

Organized chaos: here’s what it takes to build CES

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Organized chaos: here’s what it takes to build CES | The Verge

For those who’ve never helped run a booth at a trade show, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the temporary city — an endless sea of lights, sounds, and humans pressing past one another in search of the next great gadget — takes weeks to assemble before the first attendee even hits the floor.

Fever Dream of a Guilt-Ridden Gadget Reporter | The Loop

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